London Calling

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London Calling

Matt says this has been one of the best evenings of his life, which makes me feel really sorry for Matt. Anyway, he's made his decision, and all the women watch as he strolls past all of them to pull Amanda R., the first off the limo, aside. "I guess he didn't like rock, paper, scissors," says Michele R. Can't believe that didn't work.

Coming up: the rose ceremony, where Matt gives roses to all the women he's going to keep around. So...the first impression rose doesn't really mean anything, does it? "Here you go: a rose, five minutes before the other women get their roses. Enjoy!"

Is Stacey conscious? Did she make it to the ceremony?

Who's staying: Chelsea. Shayne. Michelle P. Marshana. Ashlee. Noelle. Erin S. By this point, Robin looks like she's going to cry. The smiles on all the women's faces are not holding up. Amy. Carri. The solemnity of this ceremony is hilarious, like he asks each woman individually if they'll accept a rose. Kristine. Robin looks gutshot by this point. But then he picks her too. Kelly. Holly. Wait, there was a Holly? Oh, yeah, the children's book author. Have we seen her since the limos? Last rose goes to Erin H. "Way to scare somebody half to death!" she says. Hey, show some respect to the women whose hours-old dreams of marrying an Englishman were just crushed!

"I'm really shocked, but it's not anything new for me," says Devon. What? Stacey staggers out of the house all, "I didn't want him anyway. He couldn't handle me." Elliott Spitzer couldn't handle you, "lady."

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