Matt Becomes The Victim Of A Prank

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At dinner, mom wants to know if he plans to live in England afterwards, and Matt practically literally says, "Whatever you think is the best answer is what I'm telling you." Now Teresa and Elisha take Matt outside to grill him about his intentions, and he starts in with the half-truths and evasions, but at least admits that he's falling in love with more than one person.

I'm numb by this point. It's the same thing with every family, with just different styles of house and different degrees of skin leatheryness. And then he makes out with whichever particular bachelorette who happens to be in the general vicinity, and the women talk about how they never expected to fall in love, but they're falling in love. I'm seriously considering asking TWoP for a pay cut if I could just punch myself in the face for an hour instead.

Tallahassee, Florida, to see Amanda's parents. Amanda says she hired actors to play her mom and dad, apparently as drunken harridan and unhappy milquetoast. From the get go, Matt's "mom" jumps in with the inappropriate touching, and laughs wildly at everything Matt says, inane or not. Matt seems really discombobulated, but I can't blame him. She asks him to flex his bicep and goes gaga at the size of Matt's feet, while "Dad" looks on grumpily, until blurting out, "Have you been physically intimate?" Matt goes closed-mouthed. "Paul" says this is the first man Amanda's ever brought home, and her mom calls him "Shrimpy."

Matt goes outside to talk to Paul, who asks Matt about the "smorgasbord" of women he's been sampling from. "Mom" comes outside to talk to Matt, and Paul off inside, where he tells Amanda that Matt really seems concerned about the parents liking him.

Outside, "Mom" has some cougar cleavage action going on while she starts feeling his arm and chest. She gets closer and keeps asking him if he's a good boy. Then she starts kissing him, much to the consternation of "Paul," who has just stepped back outside. "Paul! Please come and join us!" says Matt, looking miserable as Amanda's "parents" argue, although you kind of have to wonder that, given there are cameras there, he didn't know he was being put on.

Amanda comes outside to let him off the hook: "There's something you should know. Those aren't my real parents. This is all a prank." Matt says he was speechless: "I can't believe I just got done like that. I can't believe I fell for it," he says. You'll never believe this, but that was "brilliant," but I have to agree with Matt on that. Whether this whole thing was set up by the producers or not (and I'm leaning towards "yes, duh") good on Amanda, man. Good stuff. If he doesn't pick her at the end, he's an idiot. Speaking of idiots, maybe next time the producers don't tell the viewers at every commercial break about the prank Amanda's going to be playing on Matt.

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