Matt Becomes The Victim Of A Prank

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The downside, at least Amanda's family-wise, is that we don't really find out what they're like and what they think of all this nonsense, but I feel confident in saying that Matt told them he thinks their daughter is a very special person and he might be falling for her.

Rose ceremony. Chris says he was going to tell them what an important night this is, but he can see by their faces that they get it. That's awesome, that they've already figured out how the rose ceremony works!

Matt yammers about the women's amazing families, and how they're all incredible, just before singling out who's less incredible than the others.

First rose: Shayne, who I confess was a lot less irritating this week. I don't buy for a second that she's not on this show for exposure, but I think the fact she's made it this far has relaxed her. Second rose: Amanda. Just give her one reason and tell the rest to get lost, Matt! Since Matt and the women apparently can't subtract two from three, Chris comes out to tell everyone this is the last rose. And it goes to Chelsea. It's a surprise to me, and it appears to be a surprise to Chelsea. Noelle handles it well, in that she doesn't give Matt the heavy-lidded dead-eyed basilisk stare that Robin did last week. Since as the weeks go by this show gets thinner and thinner on material, Matt and Noelle sit down on a bench to chat about why he's kicking her to the curb to fill time. Noelle actually says it's her fault, because she didn't open up enough, so maybe she could stick around the mansion for a little while, because, we weren't, as much, so it's a little confusing. Poor, sweet Noelle. I liked her. Apparently, her "photographer" occupation is a bit misleading, since she's got an IMDb entry too, but she contains about seventy-five per cent less prattle than Shayne.

Back at the mansion, Matt tells the other women some lies about how hard it was to let go of Noelle, but it's awesome that those three are still here. And next up: they're going to Barbados! For the most Barbadian season finale ever!

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