Matt Takes Six Women on a Group Date

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Matt Takes Six Women on a Group Date

Holly gets her hair ready for the date. She talks about what a disappointment it would be to go home, because, you're never going to believe this, she thinks she and Matt have something special that none of the other dozens of women haven't had. Marshana is similarly nervous, but at least isn't throwing kitchen utensils around.

Matt says both of these girls are exactly what he's looking for. So it makes TOTAL SENSE that he's going to eliminate one tonight. Sitting down for dinner, Matt asks them about how they'd handle moving to the UK. Marshana says there's nothing holding her in New York. Holly says before she even met Matt, she wanted to go to London (which doesn't sound like she cares about Matt so much, if you ask me). She also babbles something about how she could survive on an island in the middle of nowhere, as long as she was with Matt.

So Matt sits down with Marshana in front of a fire, and talks about what a good sport she is. I think this speech is titled "I Think I've Kept Her Long Enough So I Won't Be Called A Racist When I Kick Her Off Later." And then they kiss. In a talking head, Marshana says he makes her feel completely comfortable with who she is.

Later, Holly and Matt snuggle on a bed while he tells her there's a boring side to him, which is his lucrative financier side, I guess. Matt says he likes challenging questions. She can't think of any. I think she can't walk and chew gum at the same time. She says she really does like him and care about him, and they kiss too.

Back at the mansion, Shayne says it's obvious Holly should be walking through the door, because they went on a one-on-one date and says it was amazing. Given how deluded most of these women are, that's no big deal.

So it's time to give out the rose. Matt babbles stuff about how amazing they are. Marshana's done a lot to impress him, and Holly always puts a smile on her face. He says it's difficult, but he's offering this rose to Marshana. He says he wants to get to know her better. Well, I'm as surprised as...well, Holly, for sure, who starts to cry. He sees her to the door, and says he didn't really feel a connection, and found conversation difficult with her. Whoa! She talks about wanting to get to know him better, and wishes him the best. He walks her to the limo, which solemnly pulls out. "I made that decision for the right reasons," says Matt, which is that Holly didn't have what he required. Which is the exact OPPOSITE of what he said BEFORE the date. Holly cries in the car and says she feels stupid for pouring her heart out.

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