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Commercials. Now, if you could do me a favor, go back to the part where Aaron met Helene at the hotel in Springfield. Now read that whole section again, and switch Helene and Brooke's names. There, that's thirty minutes taken care of.

Oh, fine. We return from commercials. Aaron picks up Brooke in front of the hotel. They hug. Aaron says it's great to see her again. Are you sure you don't just want to go back and reread? Fine. Aaron tells us that once he saw Brooke, it made his decision tougher again. Brooke tells us that she was glad to see Aaron again, but was worried about what happened on the other date. Well, she's going to find out what happened on the other date, because she's having exactly the same one.

Brooke and Aaron ride around Springfield. Brooke tells us that she likes Springfield. She thought it would be different. She doesn't explain what she thought it would be. Did she think it would be bigger? She says she could definitely see herself there.

Brooke and Aaron arrive at Aaron's loft. As the camera pans around, we finally get to see that mysterious airplane painting Aaron mentioned back on the group date to the track. It is, indeed, a painting of a warplane hanging from the ceiling, looking like it's going to crash into the floor. It's just amazingly tacky. I know a lot of guys who were really into fighter planes and had all sorts of pictures of them. But then they turned fourteen and discovered girls. Or other boys. He gushes that all of the art was painted by friend of his. Okay, I'm down with supporting your artist friends. That makes me hate him slightly less. But only a little bit. Aaron shows Brooke around the place. Brooke tells us that she loves the place, but that it could definitely use a woman's touch. I think it's had a woman's touch already. Especially the bed. I suspect Mama Buerge was involved.

Aaron drags Brooke downstairs to the restaurant. They tour again. He explains the concept again. It's no less stupid. Brooke tells us that she loves it. Aaron tells us that he thinks Brooke loved it.

Brooke and Aaron head on over to the airport to do exactly the same flight out to the lake house that Aaron and Alden did with Helene the day before. Brooke worries about whether Aaron's family will like her. She worries about how they reacted to Helene. She worries about everything. Worry, worry, worry. Am I still making sense? I'm beginning to worry that the sheer boredom is going to cause me to start just typing random shit.

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