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Catch Me Now I'm Falling, And Falling, And Falling

The next day, he's standing on a road with an umbrella. Molly appears from around a bend on the road and runs to him. He says that today is all about Molly. They kiss when they get to each other, which Molly says was like a scene out of a movie. She says that spending the day with Jason will take their relationship "to the next level" because it has been goofy up to this point.

To make things serious, he takes her bungee jumping, which was apparently invented in Queenstown. That's a crazy little fact. Jason tells Molly that he signed the release for the bungee company before reading it -- she's thinking that she did the same thing in regards to this show. She tells us that she's happy to bungee jump with Jason, because it's scary and they will have each other to get through it. She thinks the experience will be "groundbreaking" for their relationship. It's like they're speaking a completely different language, but with words that I use.

So, it's raining, which doesn't seem like it should affect a bungee experience, but still makes me nervous. They are standing on this little ledge on a bridge with their feet tied together. He gives her a kiss and asks her if she's going to count. She says on the count of three they'll fall, but he criticizes her for not counting down. Lame. She still does it her way. Someone mentioned it on the forum and it's totally true -- someone pushes them on the count of three. It stands to reason, time is money and people could potentially pussyfoot forever. They fall and Jason screams like a little girl. At the bottom, we hear him ask if he's the only one screaming. Yes, you are. Molly later interviews that it was a very romantic moment for the two of them, but I'm not so sure.

They have brunch together and talk about how much fun bungee jumping was. He says that she was shaking a little bit, but we all just saw that he was totally the girl. That may sound inappropriate, but this show is all about antiquated gender roles. She tells us that she was very excited about Jason after the hometown date. Her parents didn't like her last serious boyfriend, but they loved Jason. She tells Jason that she came with a list of questions. He seems kind of put off -- I mean, God forbid he should have to prove himself at all in his quest to find a bride. She asks him if he's nervous and he says no. "Should I be?" "No." She begins and they are all silly questions. If he could only eat one kind of food for the rest of his life, what would it be? Hamburger. No hesitation there. Favorite ice cream? Peanut butter and chocolate. For the life of me, I don't know why this is, for I love me some peanut butter and I love chocolate, but that answer seems really stupid to me. Molly says that she wants to know the little things about him. His favorite place in the world? Greece. Favorite holiday? "Birthdays." See? That's stupid. You could explain it, but is still sounds dumb. Favorite meal of the day? He doesn't know, but it's not breakfast. We don't hear what his answer is, but she asks what body part of his he's proudest of. I'm guessing his tits. They're nice, right? He says he's never thought of that question, but Molly, almost redeeming herself for being on this show, says, "Yes you have." He'd go to an Elvis concert if he could. If he could be any person for a day, he would be President, so he could make a difference. If his house were on fire and he could grab one thing, he would get his "old school Air Jordan sneakers." Not bad. The favorite period of his life? Now. "Ah, that's sweet."

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