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Catch Me Now I'm Falling, And Falling, And Falling

They go into the fantasy suite, where hopefully the sheets have been changed, and start making out. He thanks her for "opening up" to him at dinner. He tells us that he "finally felt loved." With swimsuits on, they get into a bubble bath. At least production is classy enough to have him getting it on with the assorted girls in different locales.

Now it's on to Melissa. He's waiting on a small bridge and tells us that he likes Melissa, but he didn't get to meet her family. Which bothers him (lie). Melissa appears and they embrace ala Little House on the Prairie. Melissa tells us that she's excited for this date because she doesn't have to worry about the other girls or getting a rose. Only for a moment though. Girls and roses are happening later, trust me. He has a surprise her and she says that she doesn't get surprised a lot. "Not even by your family?" It takes her a second to get the slam. They're taking a ride on a yacht that belonged to the "old Prime Minister of England, Winston Churchill." She says "Winston Churchill" after he's completely finished saying it himself and he acts impressed, like she's all Alex Trebek or something. She points at her head and says it's more than a hat rack, which is a pretty decent joke. But, seriously, Margaret Thatcher anyone? Tony Blair? Madonna? They've had more than one Prime Minister.

The boat is freaking BEAUTIFUL. Jason wants to pick up with Melissa where they left off -- which was at a romantic and passionate place. She tells him that she is nervous now -- she's thinking that there's a possibility that her heart will be broken. She's an old pro at heartbreak -- something tells me she has a future as The Bachelorette. That whole I've-been-dumped-so-many-times thing might endear her to viewers. Of the other show. She tells us that she's not worried about any "walls." Jason tells us that he still has doubts about Melissa because of the not meeting the parents thing.

After the boat, they get into their bathing suits and partake of some natural hot pools. The pool has a beautiful view of the mountains. They discuss why her parents wouldn't want to be a part of this organic and dignified experience. She says they are laid-back and she wanted them to see how happy Jason makes her. He tells us that her parents wouldn't change how he feels about he r-- but it can only go so far.

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