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Catch Me Now I'm Falling, And Falling, And Falling

Chris greets the girls and says that one will be taking a plane home tonight. Jason comes out. His suit jacket doesn't look like it fits all that well. He tells them how beautiful they are and that he has "fallen" for them. Jesus, with the falling! He's sad that he's hurting one of them. Get on with it. First rose goes to...Melissa. I probably should have known that, right? She accepts it and goes back to her spot. Next rose goes to...Molly! Ouch. I really did not pick that right. Jill's kind of awesome (appearance on this show notwithstanding, naturally), right? She has to catch her breath after she is dumped.

Jason asks to walk her out. She smiles sweetly and walks in with him. They sit on that horrible little pew and he apologizes. He says he does have strong feelings for her. He doesn't think that he can keep up with her. She says that she doesn't think their lives are that different. In fact, she did a lot in her life while she was single so she'd be ready to marry now. He brings up the "best friends" stuff. She says that when you're 90, you'll want your best friend. Amen. He says that it has to be "more" and she agrees -- she thinks they had that. She says that she had a dream recently where she was playing upstairs with Ty and he tried on a pair of her high heels (uh oh, omen) and they ran downstairs to show him. Then, the three of them curled up and took a nap on the couch. That's very sweet. She says she's totally in love with him and has never felt this way before. She's looking for someone who loves her for her and he says she deserves that. This dude's a wuss. He walks her to the car, she hugs him, then she's gone. He seems misty-eyed but I'm not buying it.

In the car, she says she had been jaded about love, but she found something with Jason. This is embarrassing. She's feeling a little defensive, it seems. Her heart is broken. Jason is squeezing tears out on that little pew. He says it was tough sending her home. He was "falling" for her, but wasn't in love with her. Whatever. He's "falling" for the other two women too. He goes back to see the girls. He tells us that he plans on marrying one of the women.

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Got somethin' ta say about this season of The Bachelor? Like perhaps why Jason insists on twirling the girls when he greets them like they're ballroom dancing or something? Vent on our forum.

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