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ybe. The other women sit around looking decidedly uncomfortable. "The claws are definitely starting to come out, you can see it," says Melissa. Natalie, who is the colour of a brass doorknob, says tension is higher because they all know Jason a little bit better and want him just that little bit more.

Chris comes in to whisk Jason away to the deliberation room. Megan says she thinks she's staying, and she hopes that people who "bring controversy" are going to be going home.

The conversation in the deliberation room is as useless as ever so I'm going to skip it, since I find it weird that the show feels it necessary to show us clips from the previous two hours like maybe I'm JUST THAT STUPID, but I would like to say this: Chris? Jason? They're women. Not girls. I know this show isn't exactly progressive, but at least acknowledging the bachelorettes are ADULTS would be appropriate. And memo to the women: please refer to yourselves as "women" too.

Oh, god, I love the rose ceremony. It means the show is almost over! Jason's got nine roses to hand out to the eleven remaining women who don't already have roses (Jillian, Molly and Melissa). "This is really, really tough for me. I want you all to know that." Jason, shut up. It's tougher for them.

Megan's first. She's surprised. Erica manages to smile at that. Then Nikki. You can hear the camera crew giving each other high fives in the backroom. Lauren. Naomi. Stephanie. Kari. Natalie. Shannon (she says "yes" before he even asks the standard "Will you accept this rose?"). Final rose goes to ... Erica, who, kind of obnoxiously says, "You have to stop doing this to me. This isn't OK!" I say "obnoxious," because there are two other women who probably would have been just fine with being the last one selected.

The women hug Raquel and Sharon. In an interview, Sharon reminds us that she quit her job and left her family and friends. "I gave up a lot, and I got caught short." She seems slightly bewildered and bitter. Raquel, likewise, thought she had a connection. She wonders if she was too aggressive. "I don't know. I really don't know." Yeah, I'd have certainly cut Erica loose before Raquel.

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