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But it is Sophia, bless her sweet heart, all blonde pigtails and legs pumping up and down and open-mouthed elation at seeing her mommy. Stephanie shrieks and runs towards her daughter, and they collide in such a manner that I thought Sophia might have a concussion. I do know that having your daughter happily race to jump into your arms is a feeling unequalled by anything I've yet to experience, so this sequence made me smile despite ABC showing it to me a million times already.

"I am on a cloud right now," Stephanie says in an interview, and in person hugs Jason, saying she's overwhelmed. Jason says it was magical watching Stephanie play with her daughter. No matter what happens, Stephanie will always have this, he says. Yeah, she'll always have the reunion with her daughter provided by the show that NECESSITATED THEIR SEPARATION IN THE FIRST PLACE.

So they take the limo to Legoland, and I am instantly jealous. They have the park all to themselves. There are rides in this park, which I hope aren't made of Lego bricks. That would be irresponsible. Jason says Sophia reminds him of Ty, because they are two kids who love life and love toys, as opposed to the rest of the world's Dickensian waifs who hate life and despise toys. While Sophia plays in a Legoland water park, Stephanie and Jason talk parenting and dating, and Jason says while he's looking for the right woman to be there for Ty, he's not looking for Ty's new mom, and Stephanie understands that. She seems to, based on what she tells Jason to his face, but in interview after interview she's playing up the "we could be creating a new family" angle a little much.

Back at the bachelorette house, Naomi brings in another date card, announcing that the following women are being punished for some reason and have to go on a date with Jason: Shannon, Naomi, Melissa, Kari, Jillian, Nikki, Erica and Megan. The clue is "Let's get busted for a good cause." "I love it!" says one idiot, and I'd really like to know what exactly she thought that meant. I mean, I know what's going to happen, thanks to ABC's policy of showing highlights a million times before you actually watch the show.

Back at Legoland, Jason picks up a rose that is, in a nice touch, made out of Lego, and gives it to Stephanie. "I think today is a running start into Jason and I falling in love," says Stephanie in an interview. Sophia blows out candles on a birthday cake before her mom sees her off in the limousine. "I had such a fun day with you," Jason tells Sophia, who thanks him, because all females on this show have to thank Jason for things provided by the show itself. Stephanie tears up in an interview. "Where one family was broken, one could be made," she says. So, uh, no pressure, Jason.

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