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Then it's time for hanging out and determining who gets a rose. Jason says whoever opens up to him the most is going to get one. He sits down with Melissa, who I think is awfully cute and one of the more normal candidates, and they chat about the day. She tells him a secret: when she was seventeen she had a breast reduction because she was 20FF. "I got my Yaya's boobs," she says, and they joke about what the bust today would have looked like. "That's a conversation I never saw coming," Jason says in an interview.

Meanwhile the other women are chatting, with Shannon talking about how the other women are "good conversationists [sic]" and how she doesn't know what to say. "This was my first date with Jason, and I basically took my clothes off and he rubbed my boobs," she says, getting big laughs from the group. But it was for charity, remember, so Jason is now a hero.

Jason sits down with Megan, who tells him how cool the date was. Jason says he thought she was a little quiet. She tells him she was just concentrating. Then she says, "I live my life to serve other people." She serves as a role model for young girls, and I don't make any money doing it," she says, adding, and I'm not exaggerating, that it's driving her crazy to have spent this much time without having someone praise her or thank God she's in their life. This is what she says. Anyway, she was concentrating on her bust so that it could sell for big bucks, and you know, CURE CANCER.

After Erica harangues the rest of the group about how she's so much more perfect for Jason than Megan is, Nikki sits down with Jason and awkwardly talks about how she wanted her bust to be perfect because she's a perfectionist, and in an interview, she admits that things ain't going so well because she tries too hard.

Back at house, Stephanie strolls in with a date card. Lauren, in an interview, BRILLIANTLY theorizes that either herself, Natalie or Molly is going to have a one-on-one date. Yeah, you're the only three left, genius. And it goes to Natalie. "Wear your best dress, and I'll do the rest," reads Stephanie. "I'm so pissed that Natalie is going on the one-on-one date with Jason," says Molly. Meanwhile, Natalie, who needs to lay off the spray-on tan, is happy. Although, if the date had gone to someone else, I'm sure she would have come up with some excuse as to why she was glad she didn't get it.

Back at Boobs R Us, Shannon and Melissa hang out in a huge egg chair and chat, with Shannon lamenting that she's in some kind of funk and hasn't really made any attempts to make any conversation with Jason. Meanwhile, Jillian seems a little bit drunk, and she has a jumping contest with Jason and then shares her epiphany on marriage and that it's not so much finding someone to marry as it is finding someone that you can't bear to be without. Her annoying hotdog theory aside, I'm starting to love Jillian. She's a lot more fun than a lot of them. Jason, in an interview, says that he and Jillian share the same philosophy on marriage.

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