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Back at the house, the women are talking shit about materialistic Natalie, with Megan opining that this date is going to make a big statement about Jason. Erica figures that if this is what he wants, she doesn't see herself ever getting close to him. Stephanie points out that Natalie might not actually reveal that side of herself to Jason (the side that all the women hate, I'm guessing).

Jason and Natalie go from the jet to a helicopter for an aerial tour of Vegas. Natalie's worried that she's going to wake up tomorrow and it will all have been a dream. Jason says it felt kind of like being a celebrity couple, what with the diamonds and the... well, I guess that's it.

Unfortunately, we're going to have to sit through more Vegas shenanigans, featuring the cliché establishing shots. Natalie is quite giddy about all the diamonds on her body, and the wedding chapels in Vegas make her want to elope. Jason feels like he's James Bond, being with the girl that everyone wants. At the restaurant, they toast getting to know each other better. Jason wants to know if there's anything he should know about her, and she offers up that she was always the cute, sporty girl who loves clothes. Wow. Really, digging deep. Oh, and also? She loves bears. Jason's all "what, koala bears? panda bears?" and she says, "No, all bears." And then she tells a ridiculously boring story about leaving a teddy bear behind at a store. In an interview, Jason says he feels like he needs to pull stuff out of Natalie. Unfortunately, he also figures that despite her telling him that she doesn't just want to go out and party every night, he can tell that's what she really wants.

Back at the house, the women inanely discuss whether Jason's attracted to Natalie. This is all stuff that can be cut to make this stupid show LESS THAN TWO HOURS, you know. God.

Then Jason and Natalie go to a nightclub, but apparently there's no one in there but the two of them. Jason asks Natalie if she has a favorite part of the date yet, and she calls it "surreal," and not for the first time, and says it was amazing to be in the helicopter and see all these things "created by nature," like THE HOOVER DAM, she says, I swear to god. Jason toasts one of the best dates he's ever been on. In an interview, Natalie says she and Jason have a great connection, even though there's been no kissing yet.

After dinner, Jason's got another surprise, which is a surprise performance by "Kate Voegele," whoever that is. "Let me begin by saying what I mean," this person sings while Jason and Natalie dance. Jason says he wanted to feel something for her, because she's beautiful and sexy and amazing. This does not bode well at all. Jason says he could tell that she wanted him to kiss her, which was when he knew that it wasn't happening, and he felt bad.

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