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After dancing, they sit down, and he picks up the rose, and talks about a whole host of "amazing" things about her, but he can't give her the rose. "I wanted there to be something tonight. I really did." He says if he kept her here any longer, it wouldn't be fair to her. He says there's not enough commonalities. "I feel like you're still exploring yourself," he says. She snaps that she's ready to be a wife and a mom and she's sick of getting stereotyped because of her appearance. I venture that she's stereotyped as being materialistic because she gushes about shopping and diamonds, but that's just me.

She's clearly pissed, and as they leave the club, she tells him that she's surprised because there are other women in the house who are "mean." She also uses the word "whatever" at one point.

Back at the house, the women are still blathering on about her (well, Shannon is, anyway), and then when some dude comes in to pick up her bags, all the women shriek and grab their drinks and watch the action.

Hee hee! Jason is starting to get an earful now from a very pissed off Natalie, while trying to maintain his sensitive guy appearance. You know, the whole "I know what it feels like because I was there too" routine. Natalie busts on him for being "sneaky" by picking up the rose and talking about all the good stuff. Jason can't very well answer that the producers instructed him to do that, so he stands there and takes it. And if looks could kill, the glance Natalie shoots him when the guy takes the necklace off her would have been the end of him.

"I'm ecstatic that she's gone," proclaims Nikki back at the house. She says that a lot of them there have very similar qualities, so if Natalie came back, it would mean that Jason wouldn't have been interested in Nikki, so she won't cry for Natalie being gone.

Natalie's not doing a whole lot of crying, either. She calls Jason an "idiot" who was probably intimidated by her, and wonders if he wanted her to be all fawning over him, which I hate to tell her is EXACTLY WHAT SHE DID. "I don't mean to be conceited, but fuck that guy, I mean, I got a lot going on. I'm super-attractive. You don't feel a connection with me? What are you, god?" The rest of her rant is a series of bleeps.

So the party is in full swing at the bachelorette mansion now that Natalie is gone, although Lauren is absolutely disgusted by the way the claws really came out after Natalie was eliminated, and she hopes Jason can see that. For his part, he says Natalie didn't name any names, but he doesn't want to be with anyone causing fights. Bad news, Erica!

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