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Landing Strip

The ladies are all inside talking about how perfect he is and how they want to strip him naked. Seriously, the guy will take his shirt off at the drop of a hat. It isn't hard to get him to be naked. I'm surprised he's kept a suit on this long. It's been like 15 minutes since we've had a gratuitous shot of him showering or running or swimming. I wonder if the ratings have dropped. Jake walks in, apologizes for being nervous and then tells the ladies he's looking for his best friend and wife and wants them to all have a lot of fun. Tenley asks him the deep question of how nervous he is on the scale of one to ten. Original! Then Ashleigh tries to talk about her pilot lessons or whatever and says she wants a direct flight to romance. OMG. These cheesy puns are out of control. I can't take it. Is this what it is going to be like all season? Did the "on the wings of love" slogan give them free reign to make bad puns? Vienna weirdly reminds me of that Jessie girl from NYC Prep, like she could be pretty, but there's something weird going on with the eyes. Ali is the first lady to get pulled aside for a one-on-one. She stumbles and rips her dress, but he catches her, and she's really excited. She is very scared of flying and has skipped out on vacations because of it. He says he can make her comfortable flying. She tells the girls that she's keeping her ripped dress as the day she fell for him.

Corrie from Kissimmee wants to know what Jake's priorities are. He says: God, Family and Friends. She likes his values, she also likes that he's handy with a power tool, which he considers his artsy side. Inside the ladies talk about how perfect he is and wonder if that would get on their nerves. Yes, yes it would. Channy says she's OK with that, because she can be a naughty girl and he needs shaking up. She translates her Cambodian phrase for him during her alone time. He thinks it is going to be pretty and romantic, but it is: "You can land your plane on my landing strip anytime." Hello! When did this turn into Rock of Love. Though those girls wouldn't resort to euphemisms, and are far more blunt. Channy's a little brash though, by Bachelor standards and Jake's practically blushing. Inside the girls complain about how skanky she is. Christina talks about the girls who have their "ta-tas" out to play, and admits that she's probably jealous. Some of the more demure girls think that perfect Jake won't want racy girls with big boobs. Um, really? He's a guy. Ella says she's not going to be catty and steals Jake away to tell him about the love of his life, i.e. her. She talks about her 7-year-old son who wants to be a pilot. She gives him a plane from her son. Someone wants a daddy! Weird.

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