Season 18, Episode 4

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Seoul Sisters

This week kicks off with a glum Juan Pablo, who is sad to say goodbye to his family so that he can travel with his harem. Chris comes and greets the ladies at the house, and tells them there will be two group dates and one one-on-one dateā€¦ in South Korea! Shrieking ensues, especially from Sharleen. It's turned up even higher when they realize they only have an hour to pack. Clare appears to cry yet again but it turns out she's just excited, though horrified that she doesn't have a kimono. She's going to be very surprised when they arrive and she realizes that they aren't in Japan (you know, where they wear kimonos) and in fact that and South Korea are two totally different countries.

They arrive in Seoul, and we're treated to some spectacular nighttime b-roll of the gorgeous, bustling city. Holy overpacking, Batman -- each girl has a cart with approximately six suitcases piled up. I mean, I guess you're hoping to need a lot of different rose ceremony gowns, but even me, as the Overpacking Champion of the World, can't fathom bringing that much stuff anywhere. Then again, I can't fathom wanting to be on this show, so what do I know? It should be noted that the girls are all getting kind of possessive by this point, with many of them interviewing about how they can't wait to see their future husband again.

They are set up in an awesome suite at the Hilton, and then gather to open the date card which awards Chelsie, Cassandra, Elise, Danielle, Kat and Nikki the first group date. Nikki's disappointed and a complete pill about it given that, you know, she only had a 1/13 chance of winning the solo date and this is totally what she signed up for.

JP has spent a lot of time wandering the streets and looking pensive about his future, taking pictures with his iPhone with the apple on the back blurred out in such a way that it only makes it more obvious what he's using. They should have just given him a case saying, "TOTALLY NOT AN APPLE PRODUCT" and it would have been more subtle. They all meet at YG Entertainment and JP tells them that they are going to be dancing with K-Pop group 2NE1. Yes, but are they going to dance as FREAKING AWESOMELY as Mark and Jenna did to 2NE1 on So You Think You Can Dance? (I'll go ahead and call it now. No.) Does your recapper wish she had put herself through the stupid process of applying to compete with other women for a husband just so she could be on this date? Yes, very much. They all walk in and see the girls dancing to in fact the very same song used on SYTYCD, "I Am the Best." JP and the girls all take their turns dancing, and Kat rocks it while Nikki goes for humor since she's not a dancer at all. They then begin to learn the "I Am the Best" routine; Kat is pretty sure she's getting the rose on dancing skills alone and Nikki's bitterness and, let's face it, jealousy, can hardly be contained. The band then comes in and tells them that they will actually be performing on stage at their show. Nikki wants to die.

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