Season 17: The Women Tell All

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The Fifty Ways I Heaved My Lovers

Harrison asks if there's anything she regrets or wants to apologize for, and Tierra pretends to think about it before -- huge surprise -- saying no, and there's an audible gasp in the studio, as if she just happened to casually mention that she once murdered a hobo.

Back from commercial a second time, and it's clear that these aren't technical difficulties the show is experiencing, but a deliberate attempt to appear live and non-scripted. Anyway, now it's time to throw the raw meat to the rejected contestants, among them Robyn (who calls Tierra "delusional") and Selma (who tells her there came a point where Tierra's rudeness just got to be too much for her). Tierra "honestly can't tell you" all the times she didn't say "good morning" to people who said it to her first. Selma and Desiree tell her Tierra's problem is that from the get-go she assumed that the other women were talking about her. Tierra might not remember being completely rude to everyone, but she remembers the one time she helped Leslie pick out a dress. So there's that. Brooke, who previously told the other women they were jealous of Tierra's strategy, now tells Tierra that it wasn't the other women at all but her,

It's kind of hilarious how calm the other women are in detailing Tierra's many, many transgressions. They have the calmness of those who know they're on the side of truth and angels and that history will judge them accordingly (with history presumably overlooking them agreeing to go on The Bachelor in the first place), while Tierra seems to think that if she just keeps saying "I was friendly," then people will forget that they have eyes and ears and, you know, memories.

And we're back for another segment, and I can't say I'm surprised that we're spending this much time with Tierra, but that's not the same as saying I'm not disappointed. We revisit the confrontation in St. Croix with AshLee -- Tierra calls AshLee a liar over some nitpicky thing, and AshLee is basically, "Hey, watch the show," and then Tierra says she didn't call AshLee a liar. And then claims that AshLee (by herself) ganged up on her, despite Tierra being the one who confronted her. Even Harrison looks exhausted by this, and he asks Lesley if AshLee was being a bully. Lesley says AshLee was tough, but somebody had to be. Smattering of applause.

But hey, never let it be said that Tierra can't admit when she was wrong! Presented, without comment (because it needs none) is Tierra's ensuing apology: "I apologize to all of you guys for you guys thinking that I didn't want to talk to you, I wasn't trying to be friendly, or I wasn't trying to be friends with you, like can I better myself? Absolutely. I think everybody can better themselves in life. Can I work on my flaws? Yes. But once again, I think I came into this just really scared, and I didn't really know how to handle it, and I handled it, I guess, in a bad way, and I apologize."

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