Sibling Bling Rivalry

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WASP Bites

Jen comes forward and takes his hands. He speaks: "Jen, coming into this, I really wanted to find someone special." All right, that's enough already: "I'm excited, because Jen...I love you." She loves him too. I will refrain from all cynical overreaction during this, a nice moment between two highly unchallenging, very wealthy people. Love among the simpletons. Fans of "not having annoying traits" will be appeased. Andrew's down on one knee. It's maybe even the ring she chose! "Jen, will you marry me?" Yes. Yes, she will. Jen, will you accept this rose? No! Just kidding. Yes. She waits a second and asks if she can do it all again, because she hardly remembers any of it. I wouldn't worry that much, Mizzus F. I'm guessing someone got it on tape. Oh. Andy makes the same joke. Yep. Time for this season to wrap itself up, is what it is. Jen's interview tells us that he is the "man of [her] dreams," and we're montaging through their time together. She proclaims it "one of the happiest nights of my life." Jen's excited that it's raining, because rain is "their thing," for some reason. Andy takes it home: "I was so glad I was finally able to tell Jen that I loved her." I know! And he's been keeping it all bottled up for, like, two whole days!

And, true love has been found once more. Have a safe and lovely three weeks until they see fit to trot out a new season on us, the unsuspecting public. Take care, travel safely, and I'll see you at The Olive Garden.

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