Spy In The House Of Love

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Spy In The House Of Love

We don't get to see any of Jesse's deliberations, and it's right to "another tension-filled Rose Ceremony." The women all stand with their feet in fourth position. Chris thanks them for their patience, which indicates a long deliberation period, and I'm even happier that we didn't have to watch it. Jesse says that this past week has been incredible, and that he's no longer going on first impressions, but following his true feelings instead.

Mandy Jaye. Will you accept this rose? And also, why are you wearing a fisherman's net over the top of your dress? Suzie, will you accept this rose? For you are blonde and young, and impossible to tell apart from all of the other young blondes. Tara, will you accept this rose? Also, Britney called, and she wants her hair and face back. Jessica B., will you accept this rose? And now that you are the only Jessica, can we drop the initial? Karen, will you accept this rose? Although you are not that young, or blonde, I need some dead weight to get rid of in future episodes, and that would be you. And now it's time for the final rose. Will it go to Jenny the Spy? Or Trish the Slut? Or Jesse the Stalker? Boy Jesse pauses, and then asks Trish if she will accept this rose. Jenny looks very upset, and also mannish. A halter top is not a good look for her.

Chris comes out and tells the losers to say goodbye. Julie (who?) interviews that she's upset that Jesse didn't want to get to know her. Jenny interviews that she's worried about Jesse's decision-making ability. Jenny gets some of the remaining women to promise that they love her, so it'll be interesting to see how they feel next week when her spyhood is revealed. Jenny interviews that she has no idea how the women will react when they find out. Stalker Jesse interviews that she came there to get over a broken heart, and that her heart was broken again, but that she'll get through it. She tries to get them to turn the camera off so that she can cry, but it doesn't really work out. Jesse voice-overs that he gave Trish a rose because he felt it was unfair to judge Trish based only on what Jenny had to say. Jesse and the final six offer up a toast.

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