Spy In The House Of Love

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Spy In The House Of Love

Trish reminds the shocked women that she's seven years older than they are (at least), hems and haws, and finally says that it's not that she's lost track of her actual number. One of the women (Karen?) just will not let it drop, and forces Trish to throw out a number, so Trish says thirty to thirty-five. Female Jesse thinks it's gross, and the rest of the women clutch their pearls. Geez. Even if she didn't start having sex until she was eighteen, that's only three guys per year. And frankly, who cares? Do they think that she has cooties or something? Tara interviews that she "couldn't believe how slutty Trish is" and that "it did disgust [her]." Jessica H. isn't ready for the game to end, and says that she's never kissed a married man. Everyone stops and stares at Trish, who drinks. Oh, come on. I'm sure Trish has had a lot of sex, but don't you get the feeling that she's lying to get attention and camera time? There was always that one girl during "I Never" who would claim to have done these outrageous things. I like to call her "the Rayanne Graff." Tara wants to know if Trish has ever slept with a married man. Trish admits that she has, and says that it wasn't anyone she would ever see again. Huh? I guess she's saying that she didn't break up a friend's marriage, so it doesn't matter. Tara tries to give Trish an out, and asks if she knew the guy was married at the time, and Trish says that she did. Trish says that everyone is already judging her, so she doesn't care. Jessica B. interviews that she was offended because "it's not freaking right and she's proud of it." What about the husband? Any venom for him? Trish says that there were "crazy circumstances" that she can't explain, and that it was about timing and it happened. Yeah, I hate it when I accidentally have sex with a married man, and it's completely out of my control. Trish adds that she doesn't regret it because she doesn't live her life with regrets. The only people who say that are people who fuck up a lot, in my experience. Jenny interviews that she is also disgusted, because she is married, and Trish is "a marriage-wrecker." Trish lets out an evil cackle, wrapped up in her pride at sleeping with married men and being a whore.

Oh, there's a date going on! I thought I was watching The View, what with all the barely-disguised woman-against-woman hostility going on. Jesse and Suzie don't even get to see a real movie! Instead, they watch a slide show of their own baby pictures. Suzie can't believe they included a photo of her as a baby, naked. Jesse whispers that he really liked it, and then kisses her. Ew! Pedophile! That was a seriously gross juxtaposition. They make out for a while.

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