Spy In The House Of Love

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Spy In The House Of Love

The trio take the double-decker bus to a pub. Trish's sweater is completely see-through. Classy. Jesse interviews that Jenny doesn't think Trish is right for him, and that he wants to figure out what about Trish Jenny doesn't like. Well, you're not going to figure it out, because Trish is totally one of those women who acts one way around women and another around men. Jesse tells Trish that their opera date was the most romantic he's ever been on. Trish equates romance with sex, so she says that she told the other girls that she made out with Jesse, and they were shocked. Trish told them, "That's generally what you do on the first date, people." Jesse says that he usually doesn't make out on the first date, but that he made an exception for her. Hee! Trish says that she's the craziest one in the house. Jesse has a gigantic noggin. It's Ben Affleck-ian.

Since Trish is out of the house, by female law, all of the women have to talk about her behind her back. And sure enough, Jessica B. tells two other women that she can't relate to Trish. Jessica B. interviews, "Nobody in the house likes Trish. No one. Not a single person." Tara tells Suzie how Trish claims to have slept with over thirty-five people, but that she lost count. Suzie, like a good girl, is scandalized. Jessica B. says that she doesn't feel it's her place to tell Jesse that "Trish is a gold-digging skank," because he should figure it out himself. Suzie is sure Jesse will figure it out.

Jesse and Trish share a kiss as the scoreboard on the basketball game nearby flashes zero. Heh. Trish says she doesn't apologize for liking him. Jesse thinks that Trish is "very open-minded." Man, next he's going to be calling her "experimental," both of which are polite guy-talk for "she'd probably be into a threesome." Speaking of that, Jesse tells Trish that she's "really easy" and up for anything. I told you he was thinking of a threesome! Jesse interviews that his talk with Trish was interesting, and that he still sees both positives and negatives, so he wants to compare notes with Jenny.

Jesse suggests that Trish and Mandy team up against him in a game of pool. Then, they play darts! Trish complains that she's no good at darts and whines that she wants to go shopping instead. I thought she as easy and up for anything?

Back at the house, Tara finds another Date Box outside and screams and jumps around. My friend Mary, who watches this show a lot more faithfully than I do, thinks that Tara is going to win, by the way. I think Tara looks an awful lot like Britney Spears. Tara reads the note, which says that they'll be going dancing. She squeals, and everyone actually does look sort of happy for her. Jesse the Girl interviews that she knew she wouldn't get an alone date, and that Jesse doesn't know her at all, which means she'll probably be eliminated next. ["Anyway, he can't marry someone with the same name as himself. They'd always be opening each other's mail!" -- Wing Chun]

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