Spy In The House Of Love

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Spy In The House Of Love

Jesse and his dates head for a day spa for some relaxation. They all get massages while lined up in a row. Jesse jokes that there's nothing like a massage after a hard day of throwing darts. Jesse asks the not-at-all staged question, "Do you guys ever do stuff with charities or kids or anything like that?" Mandy says that she used to do a lot of volunteering. Trish interviews that she had nothing to contribute, because she's a money-grubbing whore who only thinks of herself. Man, talk about character assassination. Although, since she volunteered to go on the show, it's more like character suicide. Jesse interviews that he wanted to talk to Mandy alone, and that he couldn't wait any longer, so they walk into a sauna together. Trish sits in the pool alone; Trish strikes me as the type of person who can't be alone, ever. Trish interview that she wondered why Jesse took Mandy away instead of her. In the sauna, Jesse says that every time he talks to Mandy, he finds more things to like. Mandy says that she figures she'll just put herself out there and hope Jesse will like her. Jesse says that he already does, and they kiss. I always feel weird watching people kiss, but Mandy kisses weirdly. It's like she's a hummingbird or something. Mandy interviews that she got butterflies, and that she felt like she was in eighth grade. They break apart, giggling and head back to the pool.

Jesse and Mandy rejoin Trish. Jesse interviews that he's attracted to Mandy, and that he still likes Trish, although after their first date, he thinks Trish felt like she owned him, but that he's interested in other women too. The three of them toast with champagne and laugh.

Jesse voice-overs that he has a date with Tara that night, and that there will be both dinner and dancing. Fancy! What a fantasy date. Oh, he's in a Rolls Royce. I guess that's the "fantasy" element. Jesse interviews that Tara has seemed skeptical about the whole thing, and that he hopes she can open up more. Jenny the Spy interviews that she thinks Tara is perfect for Jesse, and that she hopes that Tara will loosen up and "put her best foot forward" on her date. Tara interviews that she's excited for her date, "but there's no way that [she's] going to kiss Jesse." Jesse helps Tara into the limo, and away they go.

Jesse tells Tara that he has a big surprise for her. He puts his big meaty paw over her eyes and then removes it, so that she can see a room full of dresses. The vanity in the room is almost the same one I had in my bedroom growing up! I think mine's prettier, though. Jesse tells Tara to choose a dress, and that he'll meet her shortly in the lobby. Tara thanks him and giggles. Tara tries on a couple of different dresses. I don't think they gave her a full-length mirror, which sucks.

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