Spy In The House Of Love

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Spy In The House Of Love

Back at the house, the other women find the final Date Box, and discover that the women who haven't been on a date yet this week (Katie, Jesse, Jenny, Julie, Jessica B., and Karen) will all be going out as a group to work on a house for Habitat for Humanity. Trish looks totally disgusted at the very idea. Girl Jesse interviews that this is her last opportunity with Boy Jesse, and that she wants it to be "slightly romantic" and that now she feels her chances just got lower.

Jesse paces in the lobby while he waits for Tara. She finally shows up, in a very pretty black and white floral dress. Jesse is wearing a tux. He leads her into a ballroom, where their dinner table is set up. Tara is wearing giant earrings. I know chandelier earrings are in right now, but these are, like, bigger than her head. Jesse asks if this is overwhelming, and Tara says that it is, and that she's usually more open, but that she's glad she went on the show.

Karen asks Mandy and Trish when was the last time they kissed someone. What is with Karen's fascination with everyone's sex life? Trish says that it was last night, and Mandy high-fives her and says that it was last night for her, too! ["If they then turned to the group and announced that they'd kissed each other, maybe this show would be a little interesting." -- Wing Chun] Trish then has to up the ante and say that she kissed someone three days before she got to the house. When that doesn't elicit gasps, Trish has to let them know that she had sex three days before entering the house. Karen asks if the other person was male or female. Trish laughs and says that the person was male, and that she hasn't been with a female in a while. Someone asks when the last time she slept with a woman was. People! If you don't give her attention, she'll shut up! She might even die! Stop asking questions. Trish tells the tale of how she slept with two older women who were married with children. Trish is Sharon Stone. She looks and acts just like her. Well, I don't know if Sharon Stone sleeps with married women. But she does take herself very seriously. Karen interviews that people in the house have one of two stances on Trish: they either hate her or they can't stand her. So why do they all bait her like that? Karen adds that Trish acts different around Jesse than she does around them, and that it made her want to harm Trish. Trish brags that she was also involved in a sexual free-for-all. She's lying! She's making this shit up to seem more interesting than she actually is. I would bet a lot of money on that. Otherwise, some of these alleged sexual partners would have sold their stories to the tabloids by now.

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