Spy In The House Of Love

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Spy In The House Of Love

Jesse invites all of the women back to his house for swimming and a barbecue. Jesse interviews that this date was important, because he wanted to find out whether the women could be a little more selfless, and they have been. Later that night, the women swim and hang out in the hot tub while drinking out of red plastic cups. It's a kegger! Jesse asks Jessica B. to step away with him for a moment for some serious tongue action. What? You know that's what's going to happen. Jesse interviews that he really wanted to let Jessica B. know how he felt about her. They lie down together on the couch, with towels on over their bathing suits. Jesse is upset that they haven't had any one-on-one time, like that hasn't been his decision. Jessica says that if she leaves, she wants it to be because Jesse didn't click with her, and not because he didn't get to know her. Jesse says that he was looking forward to today's date to see Jessica, who immediately asks if he says that to everyone. Jesse assures her that he doesn't, and they laugh. Jessica interviews that she feels a spark with Jesse, and that they'd be insane not to explore it. Time for the making out! Jessica rests her hand on Jesse's giant chin, probably to keep his enormous head from crushing her or pulling her into its gravitational orbit. Jessica B. returns to the hot tub, but Jesse doesn't, and she tells the other women that they didn't kiss. No one believes her.

Girl Jesse is all stalkeriffic in the corner. She interviews that she's not as pretty, skinny, or witty as Jessica B. That's just sad. Girl Jesse finds Boy Jesse, and lies next to him. She starts rubbing her fingers on his arm as he tries to ignore her completely. When he doesn't respond, she pretends to be tickling his arm and chest and I swear to God she starts playing with his nipple. His body language could not be any more closed off if he had a sign on his forehead saying, "Hell, No! Step Off, Bitch!" Boy Jesse interviews that his alone time with Girl Jesse was uncomfortable, and that the way that she was touching him "kind of weirded [him] out." Girl Jesse keeps rubbing him and telekinetically tries to get him to kiss her, but it ain't happening. Girl Jesse interviews that Boy Jesse is dreamy, but Boy Jesse voice-overs that Girl Jesse was all up in his grill, and he just wanted to get out of there. Boy Jesse finally tells her that he wants to go in the hot tub, and as they walk outside, Boy Jesse makes a "get out!" gesture with his thumb behind her back.

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