The Bassmaster

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The Bassmaster

The women all hug and stuff. Amy interviews that she's never chased love, and that she promised that she wouldn't be the girl who cried. But she did cry! Melinda interviews that she really thought she had something with Byron. Who are you? Lisa interviews that she doesn't know why she didn't get a rose, and that she feels misunderstood, because some of the girls who were chosen are total whores! Well, that's pretty much what she says.

Byron greets the remaining women and promises really cool dates, like he has any say in it. They all do a champagne toast while Byron voice-overs some bullshit about how hard it was and blah. And then there's like a twenty-minute preview of the whole season, but I'm just going to wait and recap it when it happens, instead of precapping it. Later!

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