The Bassmaster

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The Bassmaster

Chris Harrison walks out and calls the ladies over. Once they gather, he announces that they are about to meet The Bachelor right now. The women freak out, because they are sweaty and not made up. Chris calls Jay out, and the women applaud. Yay! He's a man! Lisa interviews that she thought Jay looked like Richard Gere. Chris says that there is one more person they need to meet. The women twitter nervously, and Byron walks out. Chirs explains that he's the second Bachelor. Byron is wearing a wrinkly linen shirt and cargo shorts. He could have dressed up a little. Then again, next to him, Jay (who is dressed all in black) looks kind of uptight. Amy interviews that she was shocked about the second Bachelor. Chris introduces Byron. Cynthia interviews that she thought Byron was "very, very hot." Chris explains that, tonight, the women will decide whether Jay or Byron will be the next Bachelor in "the very first Ladies' Choice Rose Ceremony." The women scream and clap. Tanya interviews that it was great that the women got to take action and have choices. Krysta interviews that she's happy the guys have to impress them. Chris reveals, finally, that Jay and Byron have been spying on them since they arrived. You'd think that would be important, or come up at some point, but it totally doesn't.

Byron and Jay wade into the sea of women and start shaking hands. Jay interviews that it was overwhelming. Byron totally blanks on one of the women's names. Byron interviews that he wanted to get their names right, but that his brain turned to mush, due to the influence of bikinis. Jay and Byron explain their livelihoods to the women. Kelly interviews that Byron and Jay are complete opposites, so it will be really difficult. She wants to know their hidden qualities.

Jay tells a group that he decided to do this because he's single and ready to get married. Andrea interviews that the older Bachelors are ready to settle down. Byron tells another group that nothing in his life has happened by chance. Jay says that his hobby is international travel. Melinda interviews that Jay is how she would describe her perfect dream man. Jay says that love is one thing, but that lifestyle is difficult to overcome. He offers up the example that if he fell in love someone who lived in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere, he probably couldn't do that. In contrast, Byron likes to visit cities, but not live there. Byron interviews that he has a leg up on Jay because he's more real. Jay doesn't seem less real to me. He just seems less cheesy, and maybe a little less comfortable in large groups of people. Jay sits down with Krysta, Amy, and Kelly. Krysta and Kelly immediately get their claws out, and Jay looks scared. Krysta tries to talk to Jay, and Kelly keeps butting in and babbling nonsense. Jay interviews that he didn't come all this way to go home the first night.

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