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The Bassmaster

Abby and two of the other women talk. What? Like you know their names. Abby says she hasn't talked to Jay much, and another women says he's a doll. They agree that it's hard to choose between the country and the city, so they wish they could smoosh the men together. Heh. Abby points out that it's not like Byron lives in a cave, and that he probably goes into the city sometimes. Abby, it must be pointed out, has no boobs. It's kind of refreshing to see a woman on a reality show without tons of cleavage. Cheresse interviews that it's cool to choose The Bachelor, but that they don't have much time to get to know the men. Byron sits down and talks about his first wife, and says that he married a younger woman, and married her potential instead of who she was. He thinks it should be illegal to get married before you're twenty-eight or thirty. Well, maybe for immature people who marry for potential, whatever that means. ["Yeah, shut up, Byron." -- Wing Chun, Child Bride] Some of the women are younger than his cutoff, so Byron saves himself by saying it's okay to be engaged at that age, just not married.

Tanya asks Jay if he's been married before. He hasn't, because he hasn't met the right woman. Tanya interviews that she's leaning toward choosing Jay, because he's there for the right reasons and seems genuine. Amy shares Byron's cutoff age with some of the other women. Amy interviews that Byron has a bias against younger women, and won't date anyone younger. Well, that's not what he said, but whatever.

Krysta asks Jay what he thinks about having two Bachelors. Jay thinks it's great that the women get to make a choice. Krysta asks if Jay wants to kick Byron's ass. Jay says that he's competitive, but that it's a lifestyle choice. Krysta interviews that she's leaning toward Jay, because Byron probably doesn't have much money. So in case you were wondering, she's this season's superficial bitch. Krysta promises to rally the troops on Jay's behalf.

Wende and Byron sit down and talk. Byron says he's divorced, and totally disses Jay by saying that it would be weird to be forty and never married, because it would mean you're not willing to have unconditional love. Wende laughs and points out that if his love were unconditional, he wouldn't be divorced. Byron says it's hard to love someone that you can't find, who disappears for three days. Wende interviews that Byron is a "deep thinker." Who apparently doesn't know the meaning of "unconditional."

Jay introduces himself to Cynthia. He interviews that the late afternoon was crunch time, and that he felt scared. She asks how soon he wants to have kids, and Jay says he would like to start trying after a year of marriage. Cynthia interviews that her mind says Jay, but her heart says Byron, and that she could see herself with both.

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