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No Chris is Good Chris

Estella, will you accept this rose? What? Estella, will you accept this rose? WHAT? Estella, will you accept this rose? WHAAAT? Sorry.

Shut up, Chris.

Lee-Ann, will you accept this rose? That's not how to pronounce Kristi's name at all!

This was a weird crop, I have to say. Lindsay tells us that she was "a little crushed" by this, but that she feels better for "not having thrown herself at someone." I'm always disappointed by the grace of a classy exit. Which is why we're happy for what happens next, when she tells us, "I'm surprised Lee-Ann got a rose...he's definitely not the one for me if he likes her." Hee! Save it for the reunion special, including the face she makes after she says it.

Lanah is "upset, because [she] could see [herself] marrying Bob." Kristi Kute Cheeks disappears without so much as a peep. Back into the night. Alone. Like the Phantom of the Bob-era. Which was originally a book.

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