The Final Two Women Meet Brad's Family

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The Final Two Women Meet Brad's Family

One-on-one time with Mom. She gets straight to the point, asking DeAnna if she's in love with Brad. After a short pause to review her talking points, DeAnna says, "I am," and runs down her clip-'n'-save list of Right Things To Say. As she blahs about seeing Brad with her family, Mom regards her impassively all "thank you, Simone," squelches a smile, and asks flatly if DeAnna is expecting a proposal. "Oh, absolutely," DeAnna says breezily, then immediately corrects herself that she's hoping for one rather than expecting it, and checks to see if Mom is sold on that.

Brad talks to his brothers -- DeAnna's great but it's a tough decision, strong feelings for both of them, blah.

DeAnna is into the "growing old together/Brad = great father" part of her sales pitch, and when Mom -- who seems politely amused but unconvinced -- asks if DeAnna wants a large family, DeAnna says she wants "at least three" kids, which is of course exactly what you want to tell a mother of three, and Mom laughingly notes that fact. DeAnna 'etterviews about her possible future mother-in-law blah blah reminds me of my own mother.

By the pool, Chad and Wesley pretend to confer with Brad as a means of hucking him into the water. Heh. Fraternal horsing-around follows. DeAnna VO: Boys are so funny, tee hee! Brad gets Wesley in a fireman's carry and heads for the lip of the pool, and Wesley's like, "…Sigh," but then at the last second before he gets dunked, he does an "IIIIIII love a paraaaaaaaade" thing with his arms which makes me wish we'd seen more of him. DeAnna 'etterviews that she fit right in with Brad's family and she would "be totally crushed" if she didn't get to see them again. After one brunch, and a stagily abstract conversation with a woman who probably finds the entire process absurd. All righty then.

A soggy Brad walks DeAnna to the car. Blah blah I'll miss you see you later blah. DeAnna 'etterviews, using a lot of smug "so there" tone, about how she falls in love with Brad more every day and happily ever after wah wah wah; climbing into the car, she trains on Brad what she probably thinks is a schmoopy gaze, but the last time I saw that look, it involved a raffle and an expensive handbag. DeAnna's words profess concern about going up against Jenni, but her tone says she's got it won.

Afterwards, the fam discusses the difficulty of the situation some more, and then Jenni arrives, VO-ing about in-laws and the fact that her heart is pounding. Bradterview: When Jenni first came in, "I had to hug her forever." Aw.

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