The Final Two Women Meet Brad's Family

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The Final Two Women Meet Brad's Family

At the table, Jenni is quizzed about the competitive aspect, and Mom asks if she's told Brad she loves him. Jenni rolls the dice on answering honestly and says she hasn't, and it's awkward, Jenni giggling and Brad stammering; Jenni explains that telling someone you love them shouldn't come out of a sense of feeling obliged to say it, which is solid reasoning generally but, as I've said before, a long-odds position to bet on The Bachelor. Sincerity, or at least trying not to come off like a bullshitter, can make a memorable contrast with the too-much-too-soon-ness of most of the other women -- and DeAnna specifically is relatively likeable, but does seem forced and overly businesslike by comparison -- but the idea is to get a diamond in six weeks, and trying to bring the rules by which you would try to build a relationship in the real world to bear here is really tricky. In any event, while Jenni's explanation makes perfect sense out here, in there, Mom seems sort of puzzled. "Aaaaand silence," Jenni chuckles, grabbing her wine glass. Heh, seriously.

Mom has some alone time with Jenni, and asks in a tough tone if Jenni understands that she's marrying the family and not just Brad, and does she have a problem with that. Jenni doesn't, and smartly refers to having "another mom to call" and welcoming more family members. Outside, the brothers ask Brad if he can see spending his life with Jenni; he can. Back inside, Mom asks Jenni if she's in love with Brad; Jenni takes a while to say that she's falling in love with Brad, and that feeling is growing as time goes on. Mom: What will you do if Brad proposes? Jenni: I'll say yes, let's go get married right now. …See above. I like Jenni, I think she's behaving with as much integrity as the process of the show allows, and "I really really like him and I want to see where things go" is a perfectly healthy attitude to take…if the goal is not a nationally televised marriage proposal on a short date. Interspersed with an 'etterview of Jenni fantasizing about her married name (…hee) is footage of the women getting up from the couch, and based on Mom's facial expressions, she's not a Jenni fan.

"Touch football" on the lawn. Jenni VO: I like his family, I look forward to joining it. At the car, "I hate saying bye" canoodly talk.

Brad VOs that he hopes to get some clarity from his mom. She tells him he's got his work cut out, and asks if he's "in love with her" -- she may actually say "in love with them," it's hard to make out, but Brad says it's tough because, when he's with one of them, he thinks of the other one, and he's going to break two hearts, "mine, and the woman that I don't choose." Interesting -- that he's thinking ahead to (and I guess worrying about) choosing one of them, but then feeling sad about the other one when it's supposed to be a happy moment. This is where I started to think he wasn't going to pick either of them. Mom says she had an easier time talking to DeAnna, and Brad immediately nods, "Yup," which I find weird, but she adds that she might have felt the same way if Jenni had come first, presumably because, once you've met one, then it's uncomfortable with the other one. Basically, Mom's like, they're both really great, so it's hard. Momterview: Brad is not one for grey areas, so having feelings for both women is messing him up.

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