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Roz for Termination

Harrison says there will still be a rose ceremony tonight, but obviously the cocktail party is over. Why? So poor Jake can go cry his eyes out? Some of the women are actually crying? Some are pissed that she was taking time away from the rest of them, some are pissed not for themselves, understand, but because poor wittle Jakey-poo was deceived. "He does not deserve to have his heart broken by someone here who is in love with themself more," says Tenley. Ashley says it's scary that someone can lie that much after "three hours prior" is "getting it on" with someone else. Someone has some pretty specific details! Spill it, Ashley!

Jake studies the women's pictures and whines some more about trusting the women who are here, and now he's questioning the other women. He hopes that giving Rozlyn a rose was the only bad decision he's made. Apart from being on two seasons of this show in the first place?

Harrison tries to cheer up the remaining women by telling them there's an extra rose left, and then poor Jakey-Wakey apologizes for being such a sensitive stud and cutting the cocktail party short. He still believes his soul mate is standing with him in the room, even though I think Harrison just stepped outside.

First rose: Vienna. Well, so much for not making any more mistakes. Gia's next. Michelle glares at her. Tenley gets the next rose, then Ella. Alicia or Phylicia or Valishia whoever's next. Did we hear anything at all from her tonight? Then Corrie. Then Jessie? Again, did this person do anything tonight? She's a knockout. Ashleigh H, who is surprisingly not in a bikini, is next. Then there's Michelle, who looked like she was praying for a rose. Last rose goes to Kathryn, and Christina looks like she's going to pass out. Ashley can barely keep her lower lip from quivering.

Ashley hugs Jake, and outside she tells us that she thinks Jake is now cautious after what happened with Rozlyn. What that has to do with HER getting sent home is left unexplained. Were she and Rozlyn buddy-buddy or something? That's the only way where maybe her "after what happened with Rozlyn, Jake might not be sure I'm less genuine than ten other women" assertion makes any kind of minor sense at all.

Christina tells us she came her looking for love, and she hears the other women giggling inside and she starts to cry, and says it's hard because she knows for a fact that there other women who aren't there for the right reasons. As usual, I'm torn between being annoyed at supposedly mature women like this who wrap themselves up so much in someone they only know as a collection of pixels on a television screen that they would cry over being rejected by him, and being pissed at this show for making them feel like this is any kind of legitimate shot at finding a husband, and that the amount of money and jewelry showered on you is the best way to judge a relationship.

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