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Touched by a Bachelor

Ella relates HER face-down-ass-up story, and Harrison looks like he's really enjoying this. Rozlyn asks her about talking about "fried uteruses" like WHAT IS GOING ON AT THAT HOUSE and then they bicker back and forth for a while, with Rozlyn claiming that she has never said a bad word about any of them and how they are all beautiful, and the women have to say, "What the hell? This isn't about looks!" And Rozlyn invokes her poor kid to condemn the other women for making a mother look bad (and I have to say that there was enough footage of Rozyln making herself look bad that that's a ridiculous statement to make), and Ella self-righteously gets all "Well, I'm a mother and I would never do what you did" on her, and I'd like to point out that lots of people wouldn't consider leaving a kid behind to go on a horror show like The Bachelor in the first place.

And then there's Valishia, who we've seen more tonight than we did in all the previous episodes this season put together, and she talks about how they were friends and she didn't believe any of the rumors, but then one night she went to bed early because she was sick, and then she woke up and went looking for Rozlyn, who was nowhere to be found in the house. "I just don't think I believe you anymore," she says. As much as I don't believe a single word Rozlyn says -- her responses seem too fake; half the time she reacts like she's never heard these allegations before tonight. It's like she's worried about not seeming sufficiently vehement in her denials -- I have to say "I couldn't find you" isn't the most compelling evidence in the Rozlyn-producer tryst allegations.

"Answer me this, riddle me this, Chris," Rozlyn says, and points out that they have all these cameras around and yet somehow missed this big scandal, which she sarcastically calls "impressive" and then Harrison points out that she very well knows that the cameras aren't on all the time, that they're not recorded all the time. And the PRODUCER certainly knows when the cameras aren't on. Rozlyn talks a whole lot of nonsense about how the contract says anything may be recorded, so therefore why would she make out or more with the guy if she could be recorded? Harrison manages not to point out that no one is exactly accusing Rozlyn of being a rocket scientist.

Chris asks her outright if the three stories the other women just told are true, and Rozlyn says they're lying, and Harrison talks about the multiple stories are adding up, and Rozlyn says "Just because you say it doesn't make it true." Harrison points out he's not the one saying anything, and she snaps, "No, you just hide behind other people's speculation."

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