The Women Tell All (Season 11)

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The Women Tell All (Season 11)

Stephy suggests employing the old "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" adage, and McCarten snips, "Which is what you were good at, Stephy." Stephy turns to the audience like, "…See? All the time with this," although I don't know what McCarten even means by that. Sarah wants to know why McCarten couldn't be friends with the rest of them. McCarten, laughing: "Because I didn't want to be friends with you, Sarah." Sarah Bunting hopes that applies across the board. Sarah, also laughing: "Okay, point taken. You little skank." Snerk. Then Chris asks if that exchange qualifies as forward, or as bullying. McCarten admits that that was in fact bullying. Sarah makes a face like "yeah, if I gave a shit maybe." Cut to a shot of Hillary full-on glaring at McCarten. Chris asks how McCarten "came to be at odds" with so many of the others, and McCarten sniffs that a lot of them were only there "for attention," and implies that Jade and Hillary should have focused more on Brad, and less on hating her -- but she thanks them for the compliment, since obviously they felt threatened by her. McCarten has, although I hate to concede it, an excellent point, borne out by the fact that both Hillary and Jade look angry right now.

Chris then calls Hillary on her status as the tactless cringe generator of the group (he uses the word "outspoken," but whatever), and refers us again to Hillary calling Bettina a used car. Hillary at least knows to cover her face in embarrassment, and as Bettina smiles, enjoying her discomfiture, Hillary tries to say that she just says "witty things" and doesn't mean them; I think her point is that sometimes she goes for the punchline even if it hurts people's feelings, which would be a lot clearer if Hillary were anywhere near as funny as she thinks she is. Regardless, McCarten butts in to remind everyone that Hillary said those things behind Bettina's back, and Hillary's like, whatever, I'd have said it to her face. I doubt that, and Jade's defense of Hillary doesn't do much to convince me otherwise, but McCarten is pretty determined to slag the two of them however, and asks in her faux-curious Mean-Girl "I'm just wondering why you suck so bad" voice why Jade talked so much trash about DeAnna not being genuine. Jade's like, that didn't come from nowhere, but doesn't elaborate further -- and I wish she had, kind of, because I still don't like Jade, but I'm a bit more inclined to give credence to her complaints about DeAnna's authenticity than I was a few weeks ago. Chris wants to know why Hillary's biting her tongue, since she was psyched when McCarten went home, and Hillary wastes no time in pointing out to McCarten that she can't have spent that much time focusing on McCarten to the exclusion of Brad, because she stayed a week longer than McCarten did. Also a good point. The crowd ooohs. "Touché, that's fair," McCarten says. …All righty then.

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