The Women Tell All (Season 11)

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The Women Tell All (Season 11)

Back from the break, Hillary comes down to the "hot seat" to talk to Chris about her meltdown(s). She's wearing her hair way too big and Dallas-y again, and it's parted too far over, so it emphasizes her big forehead; she's also wearing a raspberry halter dress, and it isn't a good color for her, plus whenever she folds her arms in even a little bit, she gets butt-chest. I have her freeze-framed right now and she looks like the third runner-up in a Loni Anderson look-alike contest. She's not a bad-looking girl, but she needs to stop styling herself based on strengths she doesn't actually have. Anyway, Chris rambles on about Hillary's "strong bond" with Brad, and we see Hillary meeting Brad, interviewing about putting everything on the line, weeping in San Francisco, shaking her head at herself in PiP, and really super extra not getting the "I don't like you That Way" hint from Brad. We also see practically her whole hysterical farewell again, which, seriously, the residents of the Mennonite Home For The Blind And Deaf can recite this shteez from memory. She lost it. We heard. Move along. PiP Hillary looks sad all over again, and it finally ends, and we go back to the live audience, which applauds. Heh.

Discussion of whether it's tough for Hillary to watch that (it is, duh) and how it felt when her name didn't get called (it sucked, duh), and Chris gives her some guff about how often she cried, which she takes well, joking about how "they should have served [her] PMS medication or something," which…isn't funny, and then there's a weird cut suggesting that she said something even less funny that got chopped. She admits that all the boo-hooing would have freaked her out, in Brad's position, but Chris says that "wasn't [her] demise," and goes into a discussion of "the F word" and how Hillary didn't catch her snap. He does say in Hillary's defense that it's easy to see, watching it back, how obvious Brad tried to be about it, but harder in Hillary's position; Hillary says that in that situation, you hear what you want to, but she wishes Brad had just told her at the pool party, "Hey, I just want to be friends." "I think he did," Chris snorts, and Hillary's like, but…okay, you're right, he did. Chris is like, maybe he should have hired a sky-writer, and Hillary says yeah, maybe he should have. Then Chris imitates Hillary reading the sky-writing: "'Hillary, we're friends.' Oh, he's proposing!" Ouch. Hillary laughs it off, though. Chris asks what hurt the most, which I think is ground we've covered pretty well, and sure enough, she repeats that she fell for Brad and got the friend card instead. Did Brad make a mistake not picking her? Hillary says she wishes they could have done the hometown date, because maybe she could have pulled it out, but "everything happens for a reason."

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