The Women Tell All (Season 2)

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Back on the stage, Chris Hyperbole assures us that over the next week, across America, people will have opinions. That's true. Sadly, too many people will have stronger opinions about which woman Aaron should choose than whether or not we should go to war with Iraq. He concludes that in the end, it will be Aaron's decision. Whether to go to war with Iraq? Oh, which woman he chooses. Yes, we all know, idiot. Shut up, Chris. I liked you better when you were just a CGI rendition.

Next week: A season finale we'll never forget. Shut. Up. Liar. Aaron brings the women home to meet his family. Brooke says that God wants her to marry Aaron. Aaron stares at a pool. Aaron explains to us that he's going to have to break up with one of the woman. Duh. Who will Aaron choose? Why is the show going to be two hours long? Where can Shack score some drugs to make it through that many exaggerations, outright lies, and stupid repetitions?

During the end credits, we get a montage of Aaron kissing the girls and shoving them all into hot tubs. That may or may not be a shout-out.

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