Wet, But Not Very Wild

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He Did It All for the Nookie

Aaron escorts Gwen out to the limo. She hugs him and kisses him on the cheek before she leaves. Inside the limo, Gwen tells the camera that she thinks Aaron made a mistake. She mentions the revelation that he's falling in love with somebody and realizes that it's not her. What with the not getting a rose. She says she's "blown away" that Aaron didn't love her back, because she thought she was getting those vibes off him. Yeah, I bet his kissing her every ten minutes kind of drew her to that conclusion. She says she wishes that she was staying, but she's not. She says she doesn't want to let it go, but that she has no choice. Aaron watches the limo go outside and does this weird nose twitch that he does sometimes. I swear, Aaron's got some sort of animal DNA in him. Gwen tears up some more, but tells the camera that she'll be okay.

Inside, Helen and Brooke hold hands and tease each other with their roses. I think that, right there, explains why they're the last two.

Next week: They're baaaaack! All the rejectees return to try to convince us all that they're not crazy desperate camera whores. Christi cries some more. Brunette Heather cries some more. In two weeks, Aaron picks who he is going to consider possibly, maybe, if the planets align properly, asking to marry.

During the end credits, Helene and Aaron ride around in their date. Helene says she likes wildflowers and hates roses. Apparently, Helene keeps leaving her roses at the house after the ceremony. Doesn't she know she's supposed to press them into her scrapbook and keep them forever and ever?

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