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Adam hears the first part, but not the second. The first part is scary and the second is not. But everything that rises must converge and the more he fights the first part, the better the second part gets. Adam swears, twice, that he's not shy. The second time, with a bit of fire behind the eyes. She heads for the door and he calls her back. "Would you, um, mind... If I did something? If something I tried was with you?" It sounds insane; he offers to text her again so she can leave.

Mia thinks, for a second. Her mom will never call a guy, to tell him that she's shy. But Cathy did. It makes her feel less shy than ever. She kisses him, and smiles, and she leaves.

Indian pipes and the Bee Man communing with the bees, as Todd and then Cathy stare. He rocks slowly, from side to side, with the jar against his face. The buzzing warmth of it: "A quiet thank you to the bees," he explains. They die selflessly, he says: Their sting. "We can learn so much from the bee. If only we would listen."

He wakes them from their boredom and produces the first bee. A Canadian bee, they say, will be more polite; the pain will be devalued at the current exchange rate. She holds Todd's hand as he puts the bee down on her skin. She jumps, scaring Todd, and the bee goes free. Soon enough, Todd has stamped out its life. Todd leaves the room without being told, as the Bee Man mourns.

Paul paints the window frame, by the front door; he's dipping his brush when Marlene appears suddenly, framed inside it. She calls to him, loudly, and he jumps. They laugh together. Now that he's home it's a lot easier, with Paul. "I saw you up on the roof, replacing shingles..." She wonders if they're selling; she hopes they never leave.

Paul explains he'd never gotten around to repainting the window, and now it's all he can do. Marlene nods, leaning against the arch to the den. "When Eddie was sick, I just kept making banana bread. Turns out Eddie hated bananas. I wasn't doing it for him, I was doing it for me. One day he took a whole banana bread, just threw it against the wall."

Paul agrees: Cancer makes people very cranky. Marlene asks if he can honestly blame them, and Paul says that he has found a way. For the whole summer only Marlene has known, about Cathy: Only Marlene has been allowed to help. Marlene tries to explain again. Since the banana bread story didn't sink in -- that everything converges but not everything is necessary; that she could have baked Eddie's favorite cakes instead -- Marlene tries an alternate route. One that will make even less sense.

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