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Will & Testament

"Ever occur to you she doesn't want to feel like a burden?"

But Paul doesn't know what that feels like.

"No one likes to feel helpless."

He's not familiar with that feeling either.

"It's still her own journey. Don't hog the road." She stares him down, hoping that one will get through, and leaves.

Twenty bees later -- "and the realization that the Bee Man's probably a lunatic" -- Cathy and Todd are drinking gin at three in the afternoon. Todd wanted to be more supportive, bake more banana bread, but gin will suffice. Everything that rises. "Hey, at least I got away with a parting gift!" She points at her jar of honey; he points at her bravery.

"I was desperate." She smiles: A Tarot reader, down the bar. "I've been to a psychic or two in my day, as well. I'm not ashamed to admit it." He makes fun of her but she says she's only open. "You get older and you just don't want to hear the bad things, so you just stop going. But hey, now I know the bad stuff! I am full of Canadian venom and I'm going to have my cards done."

Cathy calls the woman over, and as she's choosing her cards the Bee Man appears. He flirts with Cathy, seeming drunk already. He sticks his face in Todd's face, adorably, and Cathy wants him to admit that the Bee Man is sexy. Todd refuses.

"You're surrounded with love!" the woman says. It's true.

Cathy tells her not to worry about starting with the good stuff, and she goes on. The next card indicates Cathy and Todd are very happy together. It's true, too, in its way; Cathy laughs and Todd's eyes go wide. They're not a couple, they swear. Like a pair of freaks.

"I's really how you interpret it," the woman says, and Cathy swears she won't get scared. "Someone close to you is going to die." She's sad, when she says it, but Cathy laughs hysterically. "No shit!"

Todd gets hurt, staring at her, worried. He doesn't like it when she jokes this way, anymore, not this loudly; he doesn't like it when she loses hope. This is the opposite of beestings, he shakes his head; I cannot support you in this, he shrugs. "That's not funny," he says.

Cathy assures the woman she's a very good reader, but before she can continue Todd has stalked away. She follows him, worried. "You shouldn't joke so much about dying," he grits at her. Like it's something she's doing to hurt him. Like dying is something she's doing to him.

It is.

"Those twenty-three bees are probably not saving my life. You're my doctor, you know how this story ends: I am going to die."

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