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A 24-Hour Fitness Relay Race Brings Winning Team 24 Hours of Luxury

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Previously: The teams were split into Black versus Blue, and everyone freaked the heck out. The Black Team has dominated, and the Blue Team kicked off Dane, their strongest player, which should allow this trend to continue. Last week the contestants were told that if they lost 77 pounds combined, no one would be eliminated. We ended last week on a cliffhanger, with Mike having to lose 9 pounds to achieve this goal. Will he do it? Let's find out now!

Mike steps on the scale amidst a flurry of dramatic tension and Braveheart music. He goes from 297 to 286, for a loss of 11. No one will be eliminated. That was about as exciting as watching my Special K get soggy.

Bob and Jillian are told they can leave, but the night's not over for the others. Sami tells them to meet her in the courtyard in five minutes. All the twists on this show make ME stress eat. I can't imagine what it's like for the actual contestants. This week, says Sami, they will be going one on one -- one member of the Blue Team versus one member of the Black Team. So, each player will be matched up against a player of the opposing team, and whoever loses the most weight at the weigh-in will get one point for their team. The first team to get three points will win the weigh-in, and the losing team will send someone home. Kristin looks ecstatic, though it is unclear why. Things begin with a pop challenge. The winner will decide who faces off against whom, and who from the Black Team will sit out, since they have one more member than the Blue Team. The contestants have to sit against the wall with medicine balls in their laps. Whoever can stay in sitting position longest without dropping the medicine ball will be the winner. Mike assures us that wall sits are pretty dang hard. Kristin has to sit out for medical reasons, so the Black Team must pick two players to sit out this challenge. They choose Sione and Helen.

The challenge begins! Ron is out in a matter of seconds, which makes sense with the knee issues. Cathy follows, leaving only Aubrey and Mandi for the Blue Team. Tara explains that her quads are burning like she has sriracha running through her veins. At two minutes Aubrey is out, leaving only Mandi for the Blue Team. Filipe is next to fall, soon followed by Mike. This leaves Tara, Laura and Mandi in the game. Only this show would try to make the act of sitting for the longest a dramatic climax. Laura is soon out, leaving Mandi and Tara in a showdown. Mandi puts in a good effort, but in the end she can't hold her position and Tara wins yet again! That woman's determination is insane. Mandi is pretty disappointed, and Tara can't even stand because she's in such pain and/or is a little bit of a drama queen.

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