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(Eat Your) Face/Off

With that it's the Dramatically Captioned Weigh-In. Thank God. All sides have a sense that the Black Team's debauchery is going to be a factor in the weigh-in. Jillian, quite frankly, doesn't think that they deserve to win. Sami reminds the contestants that the team who wins at least three face-offs will win the weigh-in. The losing team will have to eliminate one of their own. The person on the losing team with the highest percentage of weight loss will have immunity. Additionally, Laura has a bonus vote left over from last week. This means that she'll go to the elimination room no matter which team loses the weigh-in. Weird!

Tara, since she's not participating in a face-off, is first to weigh in. She goes from 200 to 200, for a loss of 0. This does not bode well for the Black Team. Or else Tara is playing water games. She gets sort of fakely upset about it, so I suspect it's the latter. Nice work in turning all red and squeezing the tears out, though. She goes on about temptation and making bad decisions, which seems to have some impact on everyone.

And now the face-offs begin! First we have Mike against Cathy. Mike goes from 286 to 278 for a loss of 8 pounds, or 2.8%. Cathy goes from 246 to 242 for a loss of 4, or 1.63%. The Black Team has one point. Next there's Aubrey versus Laura. Laura is haunted by the ghosts of tequilas past. Meanwhile, Aubrey has been working out like crazy and is pumped. Aubrey goes from 203 to 200 for a loss of 3 pounds, or 1.48%. She's visibly upset. Laura goes from 226 to 227 for a gain of 1. That sounds about right. Kristin mouths, "OH. MY. GOD." That's a +.44% gain, and the Blue Team now has one point.

Next we have Filipe versus Kristin. Kristin says, "May the best woman win." That might actually be Filipe. Kristin goes from 270 to 263 for a loss of 7 pounds, or 2.59%. Filipe must lose more than 7 pounds to beat Kristin. He goes from 275 to 274 for a loss of 1. That's a measly .36%. Filipe interviews, "Why did I let my trainer affect my week?" Yeah, that's all TOTALLY Jillian's fault. Jerk. The Blue Team has two points, and needs only one more to win. The next face-off is Helen versus Ron. Helen goes from 193 to 189 for a loss of 4. Smoking makes you skinny! That's 2.07%, and Ron has to lose more than 7 pounds to beat Helen. He goes from 343 to 337 for a loss of 6. Helen pulls it out! Poor Ron. The teams are tied at two points each.

The final showdown is Mandi versus Sione, also known as the most dramatic thing to happen in the history of people weighing over 200 pounds. Sione goes from 283 to 277 for a loss of 6 pounds. Mandi needs to have lost more than 4 pounds to beat Sione. Chariots of Fire music plays. Mandi goes from 195 to...197. To quote both Bob and Mandi, "What!?!" Mandi starts to weep. Sami totally feels bad telling her that she gained two pounds. She's devastated that her team is going to another elimination. Bob interviews that Mandi as under a tremendous amount of stress, which can make the body have an adverse reaction. He feels really bad for her, and so do I. Kristin has immunity, so can't be voted off, and Laura has that one wacky wild card vote.

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