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Back in the house, the other Blue Team members assure Mandi that this is not her fault. Well, except for Ron. He says that nobody wants to go home, and this is very, very hard, but it's Mandi's turn to go home. Mandi says that she's not ready to go home. See, this is why these mofos should have voted out Ron when they had the chance. Kristin tells us that she, Cathy and Ron all are planning to stick together, and that Aubrey went home for three days and deserves -- as well as needs -- to be there. She thinks it's Mandi's time to go. Aubrey says that she's not going to vote for her sister, and Kristin reminds everyone about Laura's weird vote. The Black Team decides that if there's a tie, they'll vote off Aubrey. I'm not sure why. Laura has a tete-a-tete with the Black Team. Aubrey actually says that she wouldn't mind going home, and Kristin tells her to stop putting other people ahead of herself. Laura tells them that if there's a tie, the Black Team is going to boot Aubrey. Laura, Aubrey and Mandi all decide that they'll put Cathy's name down and let the Black Team decide. Aubrey insists that she's okay with going home.

Finally it's voting time. Laura votes for Cathy. Ron votes for Mandi. Kristin bawls and votes for Mandi. Cathy votes for Mandi. Aubrey votes for Cathy, and calls her the toughest broad she's ever met in her life. Finally, we get down to Mandi. She can't vote for herself. But she says, "They're right, I can do it at home." She's gone against the plan that she, Aubrey and Laura concocted. She says that Aubrey can't do it at home. And so she voted for Ron. Aubrey is bawling. Kristin is bawling. Cathy is bawling. Mandi is bawling. Ron has a weird 70's blowout. Good God, is this episode over yet?

Mandi exit interviews that she's become more confident, strong, independent and happier. The next time we see her, she's going to be in a size two dress! Back at home, Mandi is looking foxy! And she's hiking with her kids and husband, Rusty, and teaching everyone how to eat healthy. She's proud that she sacrificed herself to Aubrey, and knows that she can do it at home. Her energy is extending to her entire family, and overall she seems positive and happy and lovely. Yay! Mandi has lost a total of 84 pounds on the show and at home, and will doubtlessly look super-fly at the finale.

Next week: home visits! Mike wants to inspire his brother to do something today to make him feel proud.

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