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A Slice Of Temptation

Previously: Bryan, the Red Team's last hope, got the unceremonious axe. Six players remain, and they've lost 1064 pounds total. Will the Black Team continue to dominate the scale? And who will make it to the final four? It's only two weeks until the live finale! Grab a bag of Doritos and settle in for 120 minutes of cool ranch goodness.

We begin with the moon high in the sky. The final six players discuss how the game's gone so far. Julie notes that there are four Black Team members, and adds that she can't believe a whole stinking team is gone. She says it's poetic justice, as the Reds tried to take them out on the first day. The Black Team didn't purposefully demolish the team, she said, but if that's what it took to help them stay, so be it. Neil ponders what will happen to Kim. I sure hope it's something dastardly. He cops an "us versus the world" attitude for the remaining Blue Team members. You know he wanted to be in the same position as all the Black Team members; he just couldn't pull it off.

Jillian wakes her team by screaming and jumping on them. Isabeau calls it a loud piercing sound of hell. That's about right. Though that doesn't stop me from wishing she would break into my apartment and do the same. Bob's awakening of Neil and Nicole is much more gentle, and Nicole is flustered yet perhaps pleased that Bob is in her bed. Bob says that it's time for them to learn how to be in the real world again, so today they're going to work. Jillian interviews that people work, and it's hard to exercise and eat right when you've been busting your butt all day long. Or, in some cases, sitting on your butt all day long. As a long-time office worker, I can vouch for the fact that this sometimes seems just as exhausting. The contestants have to work out and pack their lunch before heading off to their "job," just like people in the real world. Thank God I don't live in that real world, because I like to sleep as long as possible and hit Gordito Burrito every day around noontime. Neil asks if he can call in sick. Heh. No.

Oh, and then it's time for Kim to learn her fate! She says she didn't have an ounce of hope that Bryan was still there. However, there is a videotaped message from him. Oh B, so cute! He gives her a very emotional thanks. Didn't he do this for, like, 20 minutes last week? Yeah, someone on earth likes her. We know. Kim tells us that she did feel incomplete walking out of the Red Team Dorm, but at the same time, a lot of lives were changed, so she feels good about that. We get a Red Team and Kim montage as she leaves the campus. Oh, Phil! Remember him? Kim thinks that the Red Team deserves to be represented in the finals. Maybe they'll bring Lezlye back? She says the journey for the Red Team is not over. But the journey for Kim is over! Don't let the door hit you in the ass when you leave.

Oh, and then it's some product placement. Ziploc freezer bags? Seriously? Oh, but wait, you can marinate chicken in them too! It's a whole new world. A new fantastic point of view. Jillian tells her team that if they have limited time to work out, they should beef up the intensity and burn as many calories as possible. Julie notes that going home is going to be a rude awakening. She was lazy before coming to campus, and says that they've all learned that whatever time they have to get up or go to bed, they're going to get it done. It is hard to work out when a) sleeping; and b) sitting on the couch and drinking red wine are much more appealing options. Bob agrees that if you only have a half hour to work out, you should go for a good cardio session. His team jogs and lunges and he totally sees Neil rolling his eyes through the back of his head. This is one situation where maybe I'd pass on the opportunity to have X-ray vision. I see plenty of Neil as it is.

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