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A Slice Of Temptation

The Black Team prepares their meals and snacks for work. None of them have any idea where they're going to be working, but they all hope for a desk job. Cut to close-ups of delicious looking pizza. Yes, the contestants will be working at Stone Fire Pizza. This will be a challenge, as pizza is perhaps nature's most perfectly deliciously fatty food. Cheese! Salty meats! You really don't get any closer to God than that. Unless you're kosher, in which case I don't think you actually can get any farther from God than that. Still: Mmmm.

Bill wishes that they would have gotten nose clips, because smelling the deliciousness is akin to torture. Chef Don Hoots -- and there is no way that's his real name -- welcomes the Losers and gets them all suited up for their jobs. Neil and Julie engage in some dishwashing, which is apparently not Neil's forte. Washing dishes for an hour can burn about 156 calories, we are told. That's an f'ing lot of dishes. Neil looks just like my elementary school lunch lady in his hairnet. Isabeau and Hollie, meanwhile, have to clean the bathroom. This is much harder than Isabeau's other job in food service as a hostess. Bob makes some sausage and chops tomatoes and mushrooms, while Nicole sprinkles cheese and cuts the slices. They wait tables and clean and are basically Marios of all trades. And then they get to eat their delicious salads. Which is MUCH more delicious than pounds of gooey cheese, I'm sure. Julie says that the experience working at the pizza place reminded them how tough it's going to be when they get back home. She goes on and on, but I don't think anyone really cares to listen to her. They just want to eat their damn spinach leaves in peace.

When the contestants get home from their ONE DAY of work, they think they might get to chillax. Wrong! They have to go work out. See, 6:30 p.m. is the point of the day that was made for merlot, goat cheese, and Oprah on DVR. Life is truly a bitch. Julie says that this is what people do every day, and they have no room for excuses at this point. And again, ONE DAY of work. The contestants prepare for their challenge by doing a lot of boxing. Bill is having some problems with his knee, which makes him nervous as pretty much all he can do is put in some time on the recumbent bike. Isabeau really wants to prove that she can be a threat in challenges. Way to wait until the last week on campus. As Nicole and Neil lay dead-like on the grass, Bob tells them to try to win one for once.

The contestants head to some big hangar-type area, where they see some punching bags with trampolines underneath them. In the words of Neil, fat people and trampolines don't work out very well. Sami tells everyone that they'll have three minutes per round to jump up and hit their bag as many times as possible. Way to exacerbate injuries! Hollie is worried about her ankle. The person who gets the least number of hits in each round will be eliminated, and the bag will be raised each round as well. Tricky. Sami reminds everyone that Neil would have been below the yellow line had he lost one less pound last week. Correspondingly, the prize for this challenge is a one-pound pass at the weigh-in. Sami tells the contestants that after the challenge, the trampolines will all be donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. I don't know what kid would wish for a gnarly head injury, but okay. The Biggest Loser gives back.

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