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A Slice Of Temptation

Weigh ins! Hollie wonders if she'll have enough juice to stay above the yellow line. Julie says she's never been up for elimination, and right now, she's just focused on making it to the finals. Nicole hopes that her hard work reflects on the scale. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't, and that's the hardest part. Sami reminds us that the two people with the lowest percentage of weight lost will fall below the yellow line, and be up for elimination. Hollie, of course, has the one-pound pass, and is up first on the scale. She's looking good, I have to say. She goes from 201 to 196 for a loss of five. Wow! And she's below 200. She's so excited. She says she has a long way to go, but feels good about it, and like she's on the right track to where she wants to be. With the one-pound pass, she's lost six pounds, or 2.99%. Julie is next. She goes from 171 to 168, for a loss of three. She was hoping for more, and says seeing a low number like that is like a stab in the gut. But not a liposuction stab, because then she would have lost much more weight. Her total percentage lost is 1.75%.

Bill is next. Still looking fly like Jeff Goldblum. He goes from 222 to 213 for a loss of 9. Bejeebus! And with the knee, too. He's ecstatic. Even Neil is blown away, and admits he's a little nervous. Bill's percentage lost is 4.05%, which means he's currently in first place, and definitely safe. Then we have Neil, who worries that he might be hitting a plateau. Neil is a lot skinnier than he used to be. That side-by-side is crazy. Something weird is up with his hair, though. He goes from 298 to 288, for a loss of 10. He's relieved to see double digits again. Sami announces that Neil has lost 133 pounds since being there, which beats Season Three winner Erik's weight loss. I guess this means for comparable points in the season, since we later learn that Erik lost 215 pounds total. Neil is happy to have a place in Biggest Loser History. Neil's percentage is 3.36%, which means he's safe. Hollie and Julie are both still at risk.

Isabeau has to lose more than five pounds to be safe. She steps on the scale, where we see her go from 230 to 225 for a loss of five. Her total percentage is 2.17%, which means that she's pushed Julie below the yellow line, and is at risk herself. Julie is devastated, and says this is the first time she's been disappointed in herself throughout the whole game. Nicole has to lose more than four pounds to be safe and push Isabeau below the yellow line. Isabeau says four pounds for Nicole is nothing, so she just started thinking about what she had to pack. Nicole interviews that, as hard as she worked this week, she thought she was good for five or six pounds. She goes from 212 to 211, for a loss of only 1. Oh, shit. No one can believe it. There are hands on faces and looks of bewilderment all around. Nicole looks SO SAD, I can't take it. She's kind of in shock, and kind of disgusted, and definitely crying in her interview. Aw, man. She seems so nice, even if she was dumb enough to chip her teeth on the bottom of a pool. Nicole's weight loss for the week is .47%, which means that she and Julie are up for elimination.

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