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A Slice Of Temptation

Back at the campus, it is sad times for Neil and Nicole. And Bob, too, who has a real bad feeling. Nicole cries as she tells Bob she only lost one pound. He says that she's lost so much weight on a consistent basis that her body needed to take a breather. And unfortunately, it was at the worst possible time. Neil feels terrible that Nicole is on the block, when others breezed by her. He toots his own horn for a second before saying how hard it will be to lose Nicole. He and Bob will now be a two-legged tripod. Is that a sex thing? Meanwhile, Jillian talks to Julie, who asks what they did wrong. Jillian also says that sometimes your body just needs a break. Julie is scared, but Jillian tells her not to be, and that they're going to the end of the show. Despite this, Julie finds it hard to put her trust in other people, and is nervous about the vote. Jillian says that Julie is her heart, and makes her proud everyday. She says she's worked just as hard as the others. Julie tells us that she came to the campus a very unhappy person -- she was ashamed and miserable in her own skin. Now she's a different person. She's never really been proud of herself until now, and that's something that no one can take away.

Bob takes Nicole on a trip down memory lane by having her put on the clothes that she wore when she first came to the competition. Everything is so huge on her. She says, "God, I was fat." It puts things into perspective for her. Bob tells her she's going to knock them dead. Oh, so cute! He interviews that Nicole didn't even realize what she's been able to achieve. He's been harder on Nicole than anyone, because he saw something in her. Seeing what she has become warms his little heart and fills his soul. He tells Nicole that she's getting closer to what she wants to achieve, and she's absolutely going to get there. Nicole says that Bob has changed her life, and she really loves him. She tells him that there is a God, because He put Bob there with her. Maybe God should spend a little less time hanging around reality shows and a little more in Darfur. We get some more Nicole flashbacks, I guess because the fact that she's a goner is a foregone conclusion. Oh wait, there's a Julie montage as well. She's very "up with people" about the whole thing, too. An inane song about spreading your wings and flying across the sky plays. Julie says she'd tell the Julie who started at the beginning of the show that she's not a throwaway, she's the fiercest competitor there, and in twelve short weeks she'll be on her way to making her biggest dream come true. Everyone's so emotional! They must be awfully hungry by now.

Elimination! Nicole keeps it all together pretty well, but Julie kind of loses it. She says that there's shame in sitting on the yellow line side of the table, even though she and Nicole worked just as hard as the others. She's thankful for all the weeks when she wasn't up for elimination. Neil's vote is first, and he makes a little speech about the Black Team block, and how every vote he casts has a message or a statement behind it. What was the statement when he voted off Jerry? Jerk. He votes for Julie. Hollie votes for Nicole, of course. Sami reminds us about the tie rule, in which the person with the lowest percentage of weight loss will be sent home. Isabeau is next to vote, and says that she's voting for the biggest threat. For that reason, she voted for...Nicole. It is true that Nicole seems to be more of a threat than Julie. In any case, she's out. She says that she never wanted to go home, she just wanted to lose the most weight that she could. She formed amazing friendships with Neil and Bob, and they've had an unbelievable impact on her life, along with the rest of the people there. It's been the best time of her life. She's never felt this way before. She swears. It's the truth. And she owes it all to...Bob. Don't we all, really? If I were him, I still wouldn't try the lift in the lake. Nicole bids a sad goodbye to everyone. When she's gone, Sami tells Neil that if he falls below the yellow line, this would be the first time in history that there was one team in the final four. Not gonna happen, but it's a nice dream.

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