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A Slice Of Temptation

Nicole is sad to leave, but she's learned that she could push herself beyond her wildest potential. Is that a real phrase? She's overcome amazing obstacles, and is proud of this opportunity. Nicole always felt like a skinny girl in a fat girl's body, and knew that if she had the right opportunity, she could become the person she knew she could be. She says that the next time we see her, she'll be one hot sexy bitch. We see Nicole go home 24 hours later, and she tells us how great and supportive her family and friends are. Awww, they all have "Go Nicole" shirts on! Her dad bursts into tears, and says she was beautiful before, and is even more beautiful now. Her family really seems awesome, even when she tells them to get ready for some steamed vegetables. Nicole today -- woah! She went from 279 to 188 pounds, for a total loss of 91 pounds. She feels amazing physically, and looks great, too! She finally has the confidence to become a barfly. She's smaller now than when she was thirteen years old, and it's amazing for her to be the girl that she always wanted to be. She bears a passing resemblance to Monica Lewinsky when she wears her dark coat. Seriously, put a beret on that and Bill Clinton would hit it just for the memories.

And, this week instead of the fitness tips, we got the most amazing transformations from seasons past. They are:

10. Kelly from Season One -- a teacher who wanted to become a role model for her students. She lost a cool 79 pounds, and gets an A+ for effort.
9. Jen from Season Three -- a former beauty queen looking to regain her confidence. And woah! She lost 100 pounds and is smokin'.
8. Shannon from Season Two -- a single mom who wanted to be an example for her daughter. Also foxy at 108 pounds lost!
7. Dre from Season One -- a woman desperate to make a change. She got a butch hairstyle and announced that she looked good. And she does, but still scares me a little.
6. Susie from Season Two -- a shy girl looking to come out of her shell and meet Mr. Right. She seems so...perky. She went from 227 to 132.
5. Brian from Season Three -- a stay-at-home dad determined to make a change for his family. Oh wow, he looks like Wilderness Jack or something. Or, rather, he DID! He went from 308 to 152, and at least 30 pounds of that was facial hair. He's so cute now!
4. Matt from Season Two -- a former wrestler trying to get his life back. He goes from 339 to 182 for a loss of 157. Only ten pounds of his total loss was due to hair. He's solid as a rock in his "after" picture, though.

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