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A Taste Of Home

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A Taste Of Home

Sami tells everyone that they've been there for three months, and that's something that, to her mind, deserves a little reward. And that's why she's planned a little surprise for them. She passes out manila envelopes, and everyone gets really excited. We, sadly, will have to wait until next week to find out what this is all about.

Amy, meanwhile, is proud of herself. She finally has a handle on her battle with weight, and feels very successful. She's ready to go home and reenter her life and be a mother and a wife. She says the next time we see her, she'll be a smoking hot bikini mama. We head home with her, where we meet her husband and her beautiful little girls. Amy's husband says that she looks amazing and made a big change. She's overjoyed to be home and to give her family the gift of her being healthy. She's ready to embrace life. Amy today has lost 100 pounds. And got a haircut! Wow! She looks good, and feels great, and says she's never going back to the Amy she was when she started the show. Though she could be a pain in the ass, I'm glad she's had so much success. Yay!

Next week: Makeovers! And the contestants get some visitors from home.

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