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A Taste Of Home

Everyone plays in the first round, some with relish, except for Little Miss Willpower Kae. She says that the donuts are hard to resist, but it's not worth it. She brings up the good point that since she's the smallest person there, 300 calories will make a big impact on her. After eating their donuts, the rest of the pack has to dig through huge piles of donuts with their hands. And this is where I'd be out. I hate being sticky. Watching them do it actually makes me feel slightly ill and like I need to take a shower immediately. For round two, Nicole bails, deciding it's not worth it. Everyone else minus Kae eats the donut then dives back into the donut pile. Bill fakes everyone out by yelling, "Oooh!" then follows up with, "My back!" Sami berates the contestants for not looking carefully enough and missing whole donuts. Amy actually dives in a donut pile. Again, no one finds the token.

For the third round, there will be unlimited time. Julie's out, having met her calorie allowance, and Kae and Nicole resist the temptation as well. The rest of the contestants dig around in the giant sticky smoosh pile as Sami yells such helpful bon mots as, "Leave no donut unturned." And then Bill finds it! He's really pulling in the high-ticket prizes. He says he's going to put the $5,000 into some college funds for his kids. Oh, the poor people who have to clean that donut mess. Say a prayer for them.

Back in the gym, Kae is psyched to have gone to singles. As she is kicking all kinds of ass, she should be happy. Neil also talks about pushing yourself and having success, and says that's all he's trying to do. OH CONTRAIRE, Sir Game Player.

The contestants head to 24 Hour Fitness, where Sami greets them in front of a line of spin bikes. She tells them that they're going to be competing in a twenty-four-kilometer indoor triathlon. 24K is just shy of fifteen miles, and they'll have to cycle, run and swim. The first six players to cycle 20K will move on to the treadmills. From there, the first three players to run 3K will continue to the pool. And then the first player to swim 1K wins. And what do they win, you may ask? A twenty-four-hour visit home. And immunity. Good prizes! Finally, the winner of the triathlon will have the power to make a very important decision, which they'll find out about after the challenge. Sami tells them to give it their all, and the cycling begins!

Unfortunately, Sami gives a play-by-play of the whole thing. There are no such gems as "Leave no donut unturned," as she mostly just reads the results off of a screen. Julie tells us that she wants this prize more than she's wanted anything in her life. More than A CAR, Julie? She says that most of all, she misses her husband. You know that secretly, after staying home with her kid all damn day for five years, she really doesn't want to see him at all. There is biking and sweating, biking and sweating. Kae finishes first, with Nicole coming in close behind her. Bill is third to finish, followed by Hollie. There are two spots left, which go to Bryan and Neil. Julie and Amy are S.O.L.

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