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A Taste Of Home

And then, home visits! Hollie is psyched to get to see her friends. She has a friend named Antoinetta who is also of size. Antoinetta says that Hollie is an inspiration, and Hollie says that she wants to inspire Antoinetta in particular. They plan to work out together, and Hollie says that Jillian is her trainer and is a little crazy, and some of that has rubbed off on her. Julie sneaks up on her family, including her cute little dog, who is so excited to see her. She asks her adorable redheaded son if he missed her, and he sweetly says, "Too much." Awwwww. Julie's husband, Mike, can't believe how great the transformation was, and is really happy to see her. They're gonna have some booty-slappin' lovin' tonight. Mike is a fan of denim on denim, and I also have a severe desire to part his slicked-back hair. But nonetheless, he seems super nice. He's lost 28 pounds, and Julie says they're going to make a fresh new start and brand-new life. Awwww! They have a family hug, and it's really sweet.

Julie and her family go to Subway and make some healthy turkey choices. Julie is totally the new Jared. Hollie and Antoinetta meet their friend Tara, who calls Hollie a hot tamale and starts crying. They eat out, and Hollie gets a pizza with no cheese. Eeesh. Her friends enjoy their delicious becheesed pizza and thank the heavens that they don't have a weigh-in coming up.

Back at the Biggest Loser campus, Isabeau and Bill tell Jillian about the challenge. Jillian thinks that picking Julie was smart. Amy is crying, and Jillian tells her to put this in perspective and focus on her workouts, because in one breath she says she doesn't want to go home, but in the next breath she says she wants to leave. Jillian interviews that Amy keeps talking about wanting to go home, and what they have to do is look that in the face and then move on. Amy says that she's really nervous that she and Isabeau are going to be under the yellow line. Jillian finds that unlikely, and tells them that if they want to be above that line, they'd better go to the gym.

Back at the family visits, Julie wants to show her husband what life with Jillian is like. Beatings! Pay them forward. Julie basically kicks his ass. Their kid thinks it's funny that his dad almost passed out. Julie thinks it's funny, too. Hollie takes Antoinetta to the gym and gives her lots of encouragement. Antoinetta doesn't feel so good, but she trusts Hollie, and that's huge. They make plans to work out together when Hollie gets home. Hollie really looks great. I covet her hair, too. Julie is really sad to leave home, but ready to kick some arse back at fat camp. She's finally ready to finish something she started. Mike is really proud of her. He says it's hard to say goodbye, but it won't be for long. Plus, hot skinny wife!

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