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A Taste Of Home

Isabeau is up next. Julie humorously interviews that she was worried about Isabeau, and that she thought she and Hollie were going to save her again. She adds, "The girl's been up for elimination about fifteen times." Isabeau goes from 246 to 241, for a loss of 5. She's relieved. It sounds like her injury is still dogging her and preventing her from running and that sort of thing. Her total percentage is 2.03%. Bryan has to lose more than three pounds to push Amy below the yellow line. He's nervous. He goes from 278 to 276, for a loss of only two. Oooh, Bryan is skee-rewed. I really like Bryan, so this makes me sad for him, but I have a tiny feeling of glee about what might happen to Kim. His percentage is .72%, which means he's fallen below the yellow line. He's still proud that he's lost 70 pounds since he's been there. Kae is last to weigh in. She has to lose more than one pound to push Amy below the yellow line. She's nervous, because she knows that the more weight you lose, the smaller the numbers get. She goes from 163 to 159, for a loss of 4. She's grateful. Her percentage is 2.45%, which means that Amy is below the yellow line and up for elimination along with Bryan.

Amy says that being under the yellow line with your best buddy in the house is a horrible feeling. Best buddy, eh? Shut up, Kim. Amy doesn't know how it's going to turn out at elimination, but having the support of the Black Team is definitely an advantage.

The next morning, Jillian enters and discovers that Amy is below the yellow line. She says that this is good for them, because there are four Black Team votes, and three from the Blue Team. Jillian then interviews that she thought Amy would be safe. She says this in a way that leads me to believe that Amy, in fact, might not be safe. Hollie says that if they can all decide on the same thing, they'll be all set. Jillian asks why anyone would take out Amy over Bryan. Isabeau says that, as one of the weaker people in the game right now, if she goes home, she wants to do so knowing that everyone there wants to be there as much as she does. And that's the only thing that gives her pause. Amy rolls her eyes. Jillian asks Amy if she wants to be there, and Amy says yes. Amy interviews that she wants to be there because she wants a woman to win, and the more women who are there, the greater chance there is for a female winner. Jillian tells her team members that at the end of the day, they have to play the game for themselves. She says that they can compete with Amy, but Bryan is a massive threat. Isabeau says that Amy is a threat, too. Jillian just says, "...Are you kidding?" Uh-oh.

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