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Return of the (Big) Mac

And then it's time to vote! If there's a tie, the person with the lowest percentage of weight lost will be eliminated. This week that's Brady. OMG, Amy C. HAS TO VOTE HIM OFF! It really would be silly of her not to, as the HBV(+E) virus is going to dump her as soon as they're through with her. Each contestant heads to the back of the room to write their votes and put them on their room service plates. And then the votes are revealed. Vicky votes for Michelle. Renee votes for Brady. Coleen votes for Brady. Ed votes for Michelle. Heba votes for Michelle. And then it's time to reveal Amy's vote. Amy tells everyone what a hard decision it was... TO VOTE FOR BRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH, MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can eat that chicken at home, bitch. And seriously, good move Amy C. She appears to feel a little bad about it, even though she shouldn't. Anyway, Brady's exit interview is pretty gracious. He thanks the show for changing his life and his family's life, and tells us that he's going to change even more for the finale. We travel home with Brady, whose family is delighted to see his skinnier self. Brady gives his kids big hugs, and doesn't tell them that Vicky was not interested in getting their videos. His son, Chance, says that he looks really good, and his daughter Lucy thinks he looks great. ["Did you notice how great it was that Brady's daughter didn't get off the swing when her dad got home after being away for months? Hysterical." -- Angel] Brady is down to a size 34 waist pants from a 48. His experience on the show gave him his life back, and gave his kids their father back. What he learned on the ranch is going to stay with him forever. He and his kids bike to the local market to buy fruits and vegetables, and do push-ups in the yard. Aw, he's so much better without Vicky there! He has lost 100 pounds since starting the show, and hopes to lose another 30 before the finale.

Next week: THE AFTERMATH. And the most dramatic weigh-in yet!

Potes ate three brownies while weecapping The Biggest Loser. It is quite possibly the thing she's done today to make her feel least proud. You can share your recipes with her at

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